I Smell a Rat

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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Wererat The Wererat will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Gathering Herbs There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Ferocious Wererat, Mighty Wererat,…

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We sure that Treasures are worth less than Blood? Seems backwards.

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Assuming no one will officially come in to confirm scoring.

As far the advanced party can confirm. The scoring system is working as intended.


So the strategy is to take the Wererat battles first, and avoid Hex Rat unless no other choices exist?

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“I Smell A Rat”.
Nah, that’s the just the scoring system. It’ll be gone in a week.

Converting blood and treasures and factoring averages in:

  • Ferocious Wererat: 8 points
  • Mighty Wererat: 8 points
  • Cunning Wererat: 8 points
  • Sledgepaw: 5.9 points
  • Xerodar: 4.72 points
  • Hex Rat: 3.54 points

Werebats > Sledgepaw > Xerodar > Hex Rat


Jesus christ… me trying to figure out the scoring here:



Smell rat with trying to work out scoring. Smell of a rat with a new card. The smell of a rat has been around the game for a fair while now. We must have been anticipating this card. Like much of the game direction, it was already in the cards.

Why do we have to do math each week to figure out scoring? Not that it’s hard math but it’s still annoying.


All players ask that, every week also in this News-Threads + the reason why scoring is not ingame (at least in the text, better next to each fight.

I think the devs never reacted about that. Very, very disappoiting.

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Salty has said in a stream that it is too much text, and that having to provide translations would be an issue.


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Thx, the stream has such a small audience, so its not the best place to communicate that.

As i said - why not just write the points (or the range if there is rng-factor) next to each battle? This would have zero translation requirement and no more maths for the players.

Just dreaming… :roll_eyes:


Two suggestions:

  1. In-game, somewhere on the world event screen, list the points a fight will be worth. Instead of “TINA-9000”, write “TINA-9000 (2🔎)”. This is a compact, language-free way of conveying what the base score is for each battle, since the weekly overview already says how many points each reward item is worth.

  2. For battles that have a variable reward, use a different symbol for the battle on the world map. For the record, I think this already happens at least sometimes. But the marking for variable score needs to be consistent from week to week. Maybe “(2🔎+)” on the world event screen?


I was going to drop a meme image here about how pointlessly difficult this scoring is.

But then I decided that the meme was wasted on this. And I hate memes.

So you know how displeased this makes me.


Here are the graphics to help you this week. Please note that Highest Rarity is not best.


Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards: Tier 1 (~65 battles)


Reward Stages:


I read the event description and felt something weird will be with scoring:

"Among […] known as Wererats. Their blood would provide the first potion ingridient.

Collect Wererat Blood and Treasure […]" (omitted things my eyes ignored while reading it first)

Now, that i’ve looked up this topic and checked the scoring I feel kind of proud of myself → found that hints in Lore…

Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards: Tier 1 (~65 battles)


Are you sure about that? Hex Rat seems to be very popular…


Finally there’s no need to worry about building a good team for the event, because in the end, it’s something totally different :joy:

The community found a while ago that battles are predetermined and the same for everyone, but it was random. Do enough battles and each fight appears the same number of times.

RNG, especially on a small sample size, allows for some fights to appear more than others.

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