Guild Wars... It won't happen but here's a shot

Instead of removing it all together. How about just reduce the number of days from 6 to 5. So the event goes from Tuesday to Saturday in the United States. Maybe doing that will then finally fix the scoring issue as well. Guild Wars is the only event that can’t be completed until Sunday.
Some may want that extra day to catch up on matches. But to me it’s easier to take a day away and 5 matches so that only 25 are needed.

Facing 6 out of 9 opponents in a bracket never made sense anyway.
Each bracket should be split in half for schedule purposes throughout the week where the top bracket faces each other and the bottom bracket faces each other except for one day where you face a random opponent from the opposite side of the bracket.
Consider it Bracket 1A and Bracket 1B.

Now, @devs, how much money needs to be crowd funded so that this can be implemented before the next monetization update or before Treasure Hunt gets an overhaul just to somehow be made worse than it was before?


I would certainly be on board with being able to play all battles whenever I want. Tuesday, open up all 6 colours. Of course that would mean we need to be able to lock in e.g. medals and talents for Defense teams.


They remove Guild Wars all together then I think many of us would remove ourselves from the game all together. Never understood the folks that complain about one game mode when their guild could completely ignore it and do the other modes instead running along side it. There is a campaign, Raid boss. World event, weekend pet rescue, all the daily events so lots to do if you hate wars. You can also explore for medals around the clock and not get any where medaling your troops. So yes lots to do and no need to complain about a mode you do not like.


No one is even talking about removing Guild Wars completely other than you here. So why make it about that extreme?

You could, perhaps, share your thoughts instead on doing 25 matches instead of 30?

What the OP is actually about… :person_shrugging:

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You actually implied that they are thinking about removing it. I have not heard one thing from the Dev team that leads me to think that. If you want to supply me with a link from them saying that then I will read it and apologize but until then my post stands. As far as 6 days or 5 days some folks work on the weekend and may need Sunday to catch up.

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Think he’s referring to this line. Now you may resume talking about the actual OP.


To address the side of the community that wants it removed completely. My idea being like a compromise.

Where your thoughts were just to have that side no longer want GW be removed without any adjustments to the current GW.

I want some things removed like Arena and treasure hunt because I do not like them but I’m ok with skipping those modes instead so the folks that enjoy them can have at it. The compromise should be go play the modes you like and avoid the ones you do not. Having a 5 day with a 1A and 1B would require 12 teams per bracket. I would be totally against being able to play all battles day 1 because sometime due to work I do not have time to set all my DEF on day 1 so I do them as I go on those busy work weeks.

How do you figure? I explained in the OP that you play 4 in Bracket A and 1 in Bracket B.
I also explained how there’s 10 Guilds in the current brackets and you only play 6.

I feel like you’re just against any changes to guild wars at all. :person_shrugging:

F everyone else in the game. To you it’s not broken. So others should just not play it. You and Denthegod must attend the same church on Sundays. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never really understood the complaint. Having played in low brackets, my feelings were that part of the “dislike” is that there is not enough to do (eg can’t buy more sigils).
Some of that problem has been removed with events now running in parallel.
Of course there is still the issue with dead guilds and not being able to advance fast enough. That definitely needs fixing.
Otherwise I don’t really want to play 5 instead of 6 battles - in some way I feel that makes the complaint of “boring” worse, not better.
However, I think it would also be great to explore some other modes of guild-vs-guild (including the change you suggest) in the current “off” weeks.
Personally I’ve been dreaming about guild wars that has unlimited battles - play as many times as you like, and only your best score gets counted.
I would personally love that.

For me, this would be a nightmare :joy:

I also wonder of any guild would be able to pull ahead, at that point? Wouldn’t everyone just fight until they had 58k+ points for the week?


Well maybe. The goal is for as many people as possible to get a “perfect” score. What that would look like in the end, I don’t know. This could surely be appealing to the perfectionists and grinders in us ( like me ;)) who hate having success or failure dictated by RNG starting boards. It’s just something that I would like, I’m
Not saying it should replace what we have now. Not I have a spent a lot of time thinking about how exactly it could work, because - well, it’s. It going to happen anyway, is it now.
But we DO have another three weeks each month in which we could explore e.g Guild skirmish, or Guild Siege, or whatever other competitive mode you can dream up.

  • What do you propose to do with color-of-the-day if there are 6 colors but only 5 days?
  • Is it possible to do one’s battles or Sunday or is it all closed when game-Saturday ends? If closed, what about Sunday warriors who don’t play wars during the week?

Ever thought the color “restriction” is dumb too?

It can be kingdom / troop type “restrictions “, the 1 color a day only favors old players with the entire collection of Doom Boooks +10.


Great idea for a different kind of war on the 3 off-weeks. I like it!

Can’t penalize folks that spent resources to get their weapons maxed after the fact. Color of day is not dumb and restricting Def to 24 when some have over 1000 choices does not seem out of whack. If they want to do another guild VS guild event that’s something like what you say it would be a good idea IMO. Should not touch current version though. Could do it mid way through campaign perhaps to break up the monotony.

RNG it. Every guild wars only 5/6 colors get utilized.

I thought about that as I was writing the OP and I’m fine with either option. I kind of hinted that instead of doing 30 battles on Sunday (your Sunday warriors) would be able to do all 25 matches on Saturday and be done with it instead then. One less day but less matches as well.

On the other hand, there can’t be much harm to do giving folks more time to do their matches either. So the ability to do all 25 matches on Sunday would be fine as well.

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To be fair. Troop type restrictions will favor folks who have all the troops just the same.

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Most things in the game are an absolute chore but guild wars is not. So having one less day of wars so you can have another chore day? No thanks. It needs to be kept at 6 just like there are 6 colors. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. See Arena!

You seriously think guild wars isn’t already broken? It’s been broken since its birth. Scoring issues, collaborations, bug exploits, the list goes on forever.

I remember a time when there was no guild wars. I will always treasure those days.