Guild Wars bracket size

Any chance we could move from 10 to 7 in a bracket? I don’t see any advantage to 10, and 7 would allow true round robin matches…

No, there’s no chance. In one of the Sneak Peeks Sirrian explained why - 7 is not divisible by 2, so each day one guild wouldn’t have an opponent.


Technically there’s no reason that you need to invade people on the same day they invade you. But I know that’s heresy. 8 would still be better than 10.

Technically yes. But I think there’s good logic behind not making it so - it’s more complicated (to present to the players at least) if you attack one guild and defend against another. Then there are daily colours to consider. Then probably a bunch of other things. :slight_smile:

How about bands of 7, but paired, where the off troop in each band play the opposite instead of having a bye?
AKA: bands of 14, where the top and bottom halves play almost entirely within their own half.

and how would you solve daily wins? xD

guild A fights and wins guild B = >guild A wins
guild B fights and wins guild C => guild B wins

both guild A and B wins the daily?

to me its kind of nonsense :sweat_smile:

Before GW was actually revealed, I had heard that you would be able to play your battles on any day of that week. So I assumed you would get a schedule of pairings, set up defenses for each, and then have a week to play the matches for each one. Then, at the end of the week you would figure out the results. If that were the case you could resolve the XP bonuses on the following week’s matching color day.

I understand from a business case why you’d want to force people to log on every day, but it’s super annoying and eventually it is going to burn out the “middle aged mom” demo that is GoW’s bread and butter.

But now I’m off topic…

if not the timing, it would mean that
guild A attacking guild B usign red bonus

vs guild B attacking guild A using yellow bonus

would be the score decision for victory but still doesnt make sense to me as different colors = not even rules, not even chances

We’re clearly thinking of different things, because I don’t understand your reply…

im saying that you cant match two guilds vs each other with equal conditions and rules to decide who wins the “daily” a fair way if bracket is size of 7

either the amount of daily winners will not equal amount of daily loosers or they will have to be matched with different colors

Oh - you’re still thinking of the colors as days rather than battles. In the (now completely off topic version) the colors are assigned to the battle, not by day but by pairing.

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i think we are completely on topic?

anyway the advantage for 10 in a bracket would be it wields a possibility to stabilise colors / days (for example monday always blue) the way that guild war defense doesnt have to be reseted every week, thats a huge plus to me if they make it happen

How is 10 more stable than 12 or 14?

What’s the reason to reduce the bracket size at all? Or expand it? Still not clear why 10 is a problem.

i wouldnt care if it was 14, but 10 is easier to count and i just think its better then 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Because right now you’re being ranked against guilds that may be playing hardly any common opponents. Full round robin scheduling is always best.

Seems like a matter of opinion/personal preference. Given all the other issues people have with GW, I can’t say I see a reason to prioritize this.