Please make GW ten battles a day

As in topic, loving Guild Wars, can’t get enough, hate when the five battles are finished.

I’ve heard other opinions, thought I’d give mine.
Thanks :grin:


The last thing I want is playing Famine/Kerb teams five more times a day. No thank you.


Good point, I have no idea why they don’t use that defence in PVP

Don’t have a problem with GW. Players have a choice in participating. Players have a choice what cards they use.

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Big no from me. I have no problem with Guild Wars but I only play for around half an hour a day. There are other bits of the game that I want to play too.

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I love GW but with the current level of dislike of it i think increasing the number of battles per day would do nothing more than drive many more players away from the game as a whole and that would be bad for GoW so i must disagree


How bout we do this…
Add up all the rolls and we set max GW per day battles to the answer…

@discobot roll 5d1


:game_die: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1


So the answer is 5… Oh lookie there 5 it is already! Must be a sign from the flying spaghetti monster😇

Thank you @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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It’s all good, opinions matter.

Unlike on the GW HATE threads, I’m not going to jump down anyone’s throats with spam or call anyone hard headed or arrogant for not agreeing with me.


Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Lol

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Maybe they should allow people to do their 5 battles per day as many times as they like and just tally the worst result of each set.

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I am also against increasing the number of GW battles per day.

Dear god no, if anything GW needs to be every other week because it feels more like work more than fun atm since no one can field an original deck anymore.

I don’t need 5 more games where I have to play the same exact VJM team 80% of the time…


I actually wish there were a reward modifier for normal PvP for using Guild Wars style team builds so it would be something I could do on my own time whenever I want, if I have extra time, and at my own pace. More battles a day for Guild Wars itself, no thanks.

My guild is GW optional but as long as people continue to do it, I kind of feel obligated to at least make an effort. As an endgamer with limited playtime, Guild Wars takes up a huge chunk of my potential playtime, which usually leaves me taking the whole week to finish off seals and usually using the fastest farming team I can rather than taking my time and enjoying myself. Pre-GW, I would finish off 1500 seals on Monday or Tuesday and now it more often takes me all week. I have less and less time to play my “fun” teams because I have to cram a bunch of battles into a small space of time or I’ll have another hole in my collection at some point in the future. Then, when I’m done with these quotas, my playtime feels meaningless toward accomplishing any collection goal, and it becomes hard to enjoy the game for the sake of the game because of how much focus I’ve given to that one aspect. I am sustained for the time being by having new troops that are fun to play around with and still pretty fast at clearing (Sekhma, specifically) but this only lasts for so long before giving way to burnout.

The sad part is, mechanically, I actually like building teams with extreme restrictions to fight longer battles or tougher. But I only want to play like this occasionally. Plus, the way rewards are meted out combined with the baseline quotas I have to keep up in other areas to maintain my collection sort of makes it wear on me over time. That, and I’ve always maintained that this type of “competition” is especially ill-fit for Gems of War. I wish there was a way to seek out challenging and/or drawn battles whenever you want them and be appropriately rewarded. Difficulty setting in explore, quests and challenges does not properly do because its all trivial and ends up as a time/reward slider more than it does confer actual difficulty, ranked PvP does not appropriately do this from battle to battle because certain teams (both “meta” and event boosted) take longer to beat or will be much tougher depending on what you are using but with the same gold, casual PvP + difficulty really misses the mark by having lower baseline payouts and extremely reward scaling when ramping up difficulty.

Basically, types of play for people that like to push themselves should be readily available without severely gimping their overall earnings over time. But I never want to see this type of thing increased as part of any kind of daily or weekly quota that needs to be checked to maintain or progress a collection.

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I’d like to see something different with GW. This thread seems to be as good a spot as any.

I see a lot of people complaining about having to fight their battles on specific days. The solution to that is instead of fighting 6 different guilds with 5 battles each in a week, you fight 10 battles against 3 different guilds in a week. You could fight the battles anytime of the week (well Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday). Naturally there wouldn’t be any daily winnings, but there would be four weekly winnings, three for each GW and one for total point total (or win-loss record).Your bracket would be 4 guilds instead of the present 10.

The bonus points would be different. I think all guilds should be on an equal footing. Thus no bonus would be based on the guild trophies as they are now. You get say a 25% bonus for using troops of the designated color. The new thing would be you get say a 15% bonus for using troops from one or two specific kingdoms and a further 10% for using troops different types. That way GW attacking line-ups will constantly evolve (theoretically) as the bonuses change each week. Since the event troops already get a big combat bonus, for GW those should have a small penalty say 10%. So you can get a 50% point bonus for each troop if it’s the appropriate color, kingdom and type (Fey, human, dragon etc)

Now with 10 battles, you’d have to beat 4 troops, then 3 vanguards, then 2 heralds and finally a champion. If you win all ten battles then you get to face the paragon in a bonus 11th battle. The base point structure would stay the same.

Each battle could be set up to offer a choice of two opponents or be offered one and you can use the pass option. There would a strict limit of the number of ‘passes’ for each GW each week.