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My Guild Wars Solution

I have played this game casually since it released. I almost never post in these forums, but Guild Wars has made me hate this game. I really want to write a long winded rant about it, but I am just going to ask for my solution instead.

Make all 30 Guild Wars available on the first day please.
You can do any day, any order, any way you want, and you have your 6 days to do all 30 of your battles before a tally.

Thank you,


I think the devs’s argument was that someone can do his 30 battles on day 1… and so on, GW won’t be a weekly feature…

At least, give the 10 last battles on Saturday. Because Sunday can be a busy day…

Just scrap gw altogether and go back to the drawing board. There is absolutely nothing they can do even making it so that you have to use 24 different troops in defenses to make Gw better.


It’s very sad when you agree content (Guild Wars) removed from the game would make it a better game. It’s not fun as it is. It feels like just a random crap shoot against the same 4 different defense setups.

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I dont want GW to be scrapped! For many of us it is a very enjoyable game mode @Taliesin. Hell some of us have a pure GW experience to enjoy… One without any collusion to sully it.

For the last month, I’ve been resorting to doing all my Guild Wars battles on Sunday already. I’d really like to get them out of the way on Tuesday if I have the time. From a design standpoint, I get why they want to have daily activity hooks in the game, but it was never really needed or an essential part of the equation here. Honestly, tribute collection was plenty to keep the game at least present in your mind, and now we have dungeons, and presumably in the future we will have daily tasks.


We already have daily tasks

Pretty sure @Mithran was referring to pc/mobile getting the daily tasks