Devs plz give us guild wars back fortnightly

GW developers- please give us Guild Wars back fortnightly.
I know some people enjoy the new battles, but a lot of us don’t and really can’t see the point if we can’t ‘prove’ ourselves in competition with other Guilds.
Once every three weeks is too long, you forget what you need to work on.
It’s like equipping yourself with all the armour and guns in COD- then only fighting NCP’s- what is the point of that?
So many top players have gone already- or lost interest, and more are ‘on the way’ including myself.
And on that note- why have you never given us the opportunity to play ‘real’ pvp? Other card games online do it successfully, why not GW?
Please, give us back Guild Wars- at least fortnightly.

People reading this- please don’t comment if you are going to disagree with what I’ve written- this isn’t about you. If you are a dev, please do comment. If you agree with what I’m saying- then comment or like.
Thank you.


What if I don’t directly disagree with you, but add further stipulations you can’t reply directly to me or use any of the words I’ve typed within my post?

Also, you forgot to forbid, “Disagreeing by using very sarcastic statements that appear to agree”, like, “Yeah, I think with the new kingdom power system we should really slow down the rate at which troops are added to kingdoms.”

Being more serious: I don’t think there’s a majority player consensus on this. It’s likely a majority would like GW to be more frequent, but we’re also facing really strong “there is too much to do” complaints from the playerbase right now. So we’d have to take something away to get GW, and I think it’s hard to get people to majority agree on what should be taken away.


Well this game is no democracy, so Devs feel free to take whatever you feel like to make it happen! :wink:


Or don’t take anything- you have a choice whether to play or not. If you are in a Guild that insists and you don’t wish to- then find another more suitable Guild.

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Sorry, but you don’t get to dictate who can or can not comment on a thread. It is an open forum after all.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind having GW every two weeks. But, the devs have already stated many times they have other plans.


The OP posed a request, not dictating or forbidding anything.


I’m for gw being every 2 weeks also.


It was rumored there is a “GW revamp” in the works. I don’t think a specific update or time window was mentioned for it. My guess is that might be part of why we’re getting no kingdoms and only factions for a year: that’s a big chunk of time in which the devs can focus on something new (assuming the bulk of the factions are already designed/in the pipeline.)

If that was the case, it’d make more sense to wait and see what that entails than to change the schedule. But since we don’t have any real confirmation, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saying “if it doesn’t change I want it more”.

The devs just stated this yesterday:

Clearly, they have something else planned.


I had no intention of commenting until I read this final part.

I disagree with you.



Sparkly new things… so GW is now fortnite with a player base of 8 year olds.

I know you said not to disagree…

I disagree with your personal understanding of the word “fortnightly”. GW was weekly.

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Whoa, the devs post things in that thread? I thought it was just a place for players to discuss spoilery things.


The attitude of the OP is enough to ignore this thread.


I agree but also disagree. Nobody reply if you disagree with me. Rawr. Pay to disagree…? :octopus: <- hey look it’s Kraken!

Sometimes, they correct misinformation or misunderstandings in that spoiler thread.


I have no issue with a fortnightly GW… but not at the expense of Raid and Invasion events which I really enjoy


I think dev’s should get rid of guild wars.


Why? What would that accomplish? It would take a event away from those that enjoy it.

I don’t care for raids, or invasions but I don’t want them taken away as I know others enjoy them.


Nobody enjoys Raids.

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