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Some suggestion from Tyrant to Devs

Hi Dev,

On behalf of Tyrant, we appreciate the Guild War system you brought for players. Undoubtedly it is one of the most interesting game mode so far, which has re-activiate a lot of “sleeping” cards. Furthermore, GW makes us more dedicated and more concentrated in our guild. The latest update brings us even more solution of defense teams, and making the game more strategic and challenging, which is awesome!

Saying above, we have to say that there are some defects, as outlined below, affecting our initiative:

  1. bug of setting GW defense team on every Monday and bug of losing points after fighting but actually we won the fight! They do make us frustrated because it causes un-necessary losing points! Though we have tried some solutions but yet not solve it once and for all.

  2. potential UNFAIR competition in GW. We understand that there may be other guilds / players have mentioned this topic but we have to bring it up again, because current mode in GW is actually encouraging “allies / collusions” - if two guilds in same bracket have mutual agreement to set weak defense team, then they will have EXTRA considerable guild war points because of weak defense. If such siuation cannot be stopped effectively, a possible subsequence is that guilds are not interested in developing new teams but to focus on looking for allies. We have great concern that allies / collusions will ruin GW.

If possible, could you please consider our suggestions as follows:

  • the defense teams should be locked when starting DAY 1 of GW. Players can see the color of each day so that they can set defense teams accordingly, but name of rival should be hided until DAY 1 started.
  • name of rivals of GW should be hided until DAY 1 started. This may probably help to to avoid collusion
  • we suggest that sequence of rivals of the week should be randomly assigned, cannot be a fixed schedule because guilds will know at which day they will encouter their allies.
  • if possible, please show everyday scores of GW for bracket 1 and bracket 2 so that each guild in the same bracket can check and, if there is any potential collusion, let all players to monitor.
  1. It seems the guilds in bracket 3 or lower may not have as same dedication to the guild war as the guilds in bracket 1 and 2, because of the rewards. May we suggest to increase rewards to the first 3 guilds in bracket 3 and in each of lower brackets so as to stimulate more guilds to get good rank and get promotion in GW. Possible measures could be more golds, some more keys and so on.

Thanks for your kind attention.


+1 from Black Dragon


As mentioned, make it so:

1: Guild War teams never reset once set, not even on Monday resets.

2: Only show the color of the day on Monday, then lock all 6 teams in on Tuesday and show the guild. This would help to deter setting a weak team for specific guilds.

3: Make it actually random, not pseudo random as to what guild is faced.


the first point you mean the defense team can not change forever?
set team on monday, and then locked on next 6 days may better.

Hi all
I am the leader of Tyrant, but it is only the second time I’ve been here because of my poor English. I hope these suggestions will work .we are the fans of GOW and like the GuildWar very much!


I suppose Tacet means the defense team can follow last week automatically, because currently the defense teams will reset along with Monday reset, players need to set again all the defense team every Monday, thus the bug of defense team happens…

I still don’t understand why they reset the GW defense teams…

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Not everyone sets defense solely on color. I like to set my best few defenses against closest rivals regardless of color. So the above suggestion would be punishing me for the sake of also punishing cheaters. I don’t have an alternate suggestion though.


I should think the vast majority of people are using the same team on the same color each week. The system should therefore accommodate the majority use case.

If you’re using some other method to assign teams then it really wouldn’t affect you any differently from a full weekly reset that we currently have. Either way you’re having to change them around each week.

So it would make life a lot easier for most people and have no real downside on the rest.


I have no issue with wanting the teams to not reset each week, just would be nice to find another solution to the collusion problem other than hiding the names of the other guilds is what I meant.

I agree with Elwin suggestion something better can be added by the dev to be more fair for everyone !
And yes increase the rewards for the other brackets will stimulate players to play gw more

They need to totally revamp the rewards for GW it so out of touch with the rest of the rewards in this game its unbelievable. 1500 gems to the top teams 30 players for doing 24 fights which is about 30 to 60 minutes of effort tops a week. Compare that with 50 gems for 1st place in Ranked PvP where people are doing 2 or 3,000 PLUS fights a week putting in 50 to 80 hours and you can see they are so far out of touch with rewards I don’t know how it’s been going on this long. As far as GW the rewards are way to high for the top brackets versus complete garbage for damn near forever for new guilds starting out. My guild along with many others have been doing around 1 million points or more for months and we get 25 gems and 6 cards vs the astronomical rewards of the top ranks. They need to redo everything about GW rewards IMO the top teams should have a handicap so it changes frequently and the rewards for the top 25 teams should be far more levelled if they ever really want to foster competition beyond 3 or 4 guilds. Do this and likely your collusion issue / fears will go away as a result


Excellent point 2!

Its indeed a big concern. This new feature of bonus points for using 24 unique defense troops was full of good intentions but it unfortunately make possible collusions between guilds almost impossible to detect/prove:

  • “Hey! Your defense team was pretty weak on that day!”
  • “Ohh yeah…sorry! But its not easy to set up 6 strong defense with 24 different troops you know! I really wanted my 12000pts bonus.”
  • “Well it was against your sister guild!”
  • “Really?? ohh yeah you re right. I didnt even realized! Well I tried my best to find good unique defenses but its really hard. I will try to find better ones in future. But in all honesty, I thought my defense were good!” :thinking:

Im well aware that the perfect solution probably dont exist. But to set up the 6 defense on Monday without knowing the name of the guilds we will face for all the week seems a good simple counter against any collusions.


I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you on your point about the top guilds getting too much in rewards. Agree with the pvp point but not gw.
I’ve worked hard bringing my old guild to third in bracket one consistently and as someone who’s now in the guild that’s finished first the last two weeks I’ve been spending the ridiculous amount of 340 gems weekly to get either a thousand or fifteen hundred. As a vip 6 player this is my only source of gem income that will gradually build up enough to even consider using them to open the chests that I paid for access to.
The system does need changing, but not at the top unless they drop the ridiculous sentinel costs. Pvp is a complete joke resource wise for time invested, certainly.

Devs have already stated a fix to the defense resets should be in the next patch, so continually bringing this up and airing how annoying it is is just moot at this point. They can’t speed up the approval process.

And how about people being given the benefit of the doubt until there’s reason to believe otherwise with the whole collusion cries? Devs have made their stand that collusion is bad & punishable. Why continue to beat a dead horse and assume people are going to collude? Devs are on the watch for it and so are half the guilds out there apparently with their spreadsheets & data mining. It would be suicidal for a guild to attempt it at this point with all the self appointed watchdogs.

If you have suspicions or proof how about taking it to support AFTER there’s reason to believe collusion is actually happening rather than assuming it’s going on from the start.


To the second point, it can achieve the effect of our vision by removing the rival’s name on the def setting interface.
First,before Day 1 of GW, only the defensive team corresponding to the color could be set, not to the guild. Second,the def teams should be locked when Day 1 begins.
Third,the daily color environment of the week will be released after the def teams locked. of course the color order should be random every week.
In this way,we know who the rival is ,but we don’t know which color of defense we will face until Day1 begins.
It may be fair with that change,which may be easy to implement in the current game mode.


sister guild can bring 30k more score

Agree with your point.

I would argue for more rewards down the brackets as said by other before as well as the increased rewards of the PvP leaderboards.

The weird thing is that most casual GW players think 30/0 is mostly fluke based and B1 players are the ones willing to do the nitty gritty to ensure that 30/0 is within their control for as much as possible. I’m in the second category because I really can’t deal with the stress of messing up everything because my the game detects my swipe the wrong direction which allows the AI to loop to no end.

I have my defenses set for the week based on which guilds I am facing and not solely based on color as a specific defense works better against some guilds but not others. Anyways its been posted many times the actual schedule based on the previous places earned so hiding guild names would be moot at this point.

Edit: The last time the devs “intervened” in the schedule after it was posted caused a mass fubar as many days were fought from players in 1-3 guilds on any given day.