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Guild Wars... It won't happen but here's a shot

You could ignore it you know. If you did just that I would treasure those days. Folks that hate certain modes want those modes gone whether other folks enjoy the mode or not. Have you been stuck in an explore lately and have to restart the game. Now that’s broken. None of the modes in this game are perfect but GW is one of the better modes. You can disagree and go play a mode you like. I won’t ask for it to be removed since you enjoy it.

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I didn’t say a word about removing guild wars. I said it was broken. Answer what I said instead of what you think I said.


Well how about this just pretend it does not exist so it won’t pain you so much. If I had that much grief over something to where I was wishing I could go back to when it didn’t exist I just would simply not play it and act like it didn’t exist. As far as a glitch heck there has been one of those in most modes of the game. There was a glitch this week caused by EOE and folks came to forums and the Devs at least removed that ability from the weapon so glitch would not continue all week.

As far as I’m concerned, Guild Wars belongs in the garbage bin. Facing the same defense team 5 times in a row is not fun. Letting down your guild because a bug caused you to lose a battle is not fun. And the rewards aren’t worth it, unless you are in Bracket 1 or 2. I started playing Gems shortly after Guild Wars was added, but I wish I had started sooner because it would have been so much more fun not having to even think about Guild Wars. I absolutely agree with @RiverSong about that.


Arena exists and I don’t think about it because I don’t play it. Same with maps. Explore is boring. My 5 matches are not the same so you must be playing not in B1. If they were same it would be easier. Find one counter and use it 5 times. Done. Someone should make a guild where wars is not required. Wait they already exist and you should join.

I’d love 5 days of GW instead of 6, but as others have pointed out, that’d require some serious reworking of GW and I think it’s unlikely they’ll want to work on that particular game mode.

I’d suggest shifting at least some of the extra load caused by GW away from Mondays. Add a tab to the PvP or Guild interface where players can set and change their colour defences at any point (or at least a week in advance). Make levelling your Sentinels part of the Guild Tasks UI.

I’d like if the the scoring system was changed to only count your 3 or 4 highest scoring battles (out of the current 5 or a similarly small number) to reduce the stress factor.

I suggest adding a ‘Copy team’ button to the pre-battle UI to make it easier for people to train against specific decks.


A lot of guilds require it. If the people that hate GW just didn’t play it they would have to find a new guild if theirs required GW.

I doubt there would be that many that cared so much about 30 PvP battles a month that they would quit if it was removed. The last time I did GW it was just PvP that I had to use a couple of different teams for. 95% of the teams I fought in GW were ones I fought getting to tier 1 in PvP.

If people really want GW they can take their GW team into PvP and do as many battles as they want.

Will attempt to stay on topic, even though the thread has devolved into the merits and failures of GW.

I’m one of the many in the camp that feels that GW is broken. I don’t believe it needs to be removed but rather changed. What OP is suggesting is an interesting change but it would not fix the underlying problems with GW. But as I said, will stick with the actual topic this time.

There are 7 days in a week, 6 colors and hundreds of non-dead guilds that actually participate in GW. The way that’s it’s organized now with 6 matches makes sense to match the colors, but does not in terms of the bracket system (which is another monster discussed ad nauseam (always wanted to use that)).

That said, the bracket “solution” is nicer than the current 6 out of 9, even if that means 5 out of 6 colors. But is there a way to have all three numbers be round, i.e. all colors used the same amount of time and fighting all opponents in a bracket?

The size of brackets means nothing in current GW. Increasing or decreasing their size has no affect on rewards or placement, except that it prevents a guild’s maximum and minimum rank at week’s end. In other words, the lowest someone in B1 can ever get is 10, even if they skip all their battles. Yes, they will drop a specified number of brackets, but for that week that’s they are guaranteed those rewards, which some would say is well-deserved for getting there and others will say is not. So we can all agree that the only thing that brackets are doing now is limiting rewards and advancement, since you’re only fighting 6 of the 9 opponents in that bracket.

With the system proposed by OP, bracket size would become 5 instead of 10, but your placement at the end of the 4 fights would determine who you fought from the “other” bracket, i.e. 1A vs 1B, 2A vs 2B, etc). This requires that you get all your fights done by the end of the 4th day, which is currently a Friday. Or that you purposefully delay so that you’re matched against the weakest one and complete all 25 fights on Saturday/Sunday. Yet OP mentioned random opponent from other bracket, which means that it wouldn’t matter when the fights are completed, you could face any of the 5 in the “other” bracket.

The other option for rounding the numbers, although now it’s getting farther from the OP, is a tournament. To play all colors the same amount of times, you need 6, 12, 18, 24, etc matches. The best candidates here are 18 and 24. 18 means a bracket of 20 guilds, 18 of which you fight and a 19 fight against the best for a final. This isn’t great since you need an extra day for that final.

24 though means a bracket of 25 where you fight every guild once and all colors 4 times. The drawback is obvious in that it’s either a month-long event or takes 4 months to complete with current GW frequency.

And so we get to the final suggestion that brings it all together. What all are we bringing together? Fighting all guilds in your bracket, playing all colors, allowing free days to catch up, allowing all players a better time, regardless of their level.

What could be such a solution? Simple: like-fights-like. Paragon v Paragon, Champion v Champion, etc.

Right now, each person fights 30 battles throughout the week from 6 guilds. The only control you have as a defender is knowing which team you have defending each color. It doesn’t matter when that fight happens because it’ll match a specific color.

So what if brackets were increased to 25, i.e. 24 separate battles, 4 for each color, and all battles were available to be played from day one? You would be matched with a random player from your rank from each of the 24 other guilds, and a color would be selected for that match, to a total of 4 from each color. This could even be decided on a guild by guild basis so that all fights against Guild A’s members are yellow “days” while all fights against Guild B are red “days”. These could either be grouped so that you finish 4 red fights and then 4 yellow, etc, or they could be randomized so that you end up switching your team every time.


  • Less overall fights
  • Allows grinders and weekend warriors to play whenever
  • Has nice round numbers for brackets
  • Fight all guilds in a bracket
  • Players of all levels have a better chance to enjoy GW since they are fighting people presumably at their skill level/power (except in cases of 1 or 2 person guilds, but that’s already an issue so it wouldn’t change)

Cons: You would need to set all defense teams on day one


I will try to behave this post and not criticize GW’s brokenness and focus on the OP. Deep breath…

I think the OP could be boiled down to this. This means the event could be finished whenever, Sunday or earlier. This is good for everyone, the daily players and weekend warriors. :+1:

This is an interesting idea, and I like it. Have restrictions based on color, kingdom, or troop. It could help eliminate some of the meta teams we see especially if the restriction constantly changes.

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You fail to see one thing:
Arena and treasure hunt are solo modes. They won’t affect your guild.

GW is a co-op mode. Someone/too many not playing it would affect the guild.

That being said, I won’t ask for GW to be removed. A change to it might be helpful, though - but everyone needs to be careful about what they wish for. Devs might make it worse.


Regarding color restrictions, there are none. People sometimes go off-color to ensure a win. Colors are mandatory only to gather those outside-of-battle points. But I like the idea of additional restrictions and maybe other changes.

Just saying, players could be asked to spend some gems to add some class talents or weapon upgrades for the day during GW. Not real money though, never! 100 gems for a full weapon upgrade, 200 gems for an off-color troop slot etc.

Is the Sentinels tax not already enough? :face_vomiting:


Guild Wars is by far the most interesting part of the game to me. Having challenging battles where the results matter is something I look forward to playing. Friendly competition within the guild over who takes the paragon spot each time is also great.

The only thing that really needs to be changed about GW is the bracket progression so a new guild full of top caliber players doesn’t take 10 lifetimes to reach their equivalent competition and a dead guild doesn’t linger around forever.

Proper bracket progression in both directions that takes care of those two problems has been discussed at length already, so I’m not going to get into the details again, but that’s the only change I would want to see… unless making GW happen more frequently again was on the table (which seems unlikely). Or I guess if they wanted to make the sentinel upgrades cheaper I doubt anyone would complain, but that will never happen.

So? Isn’t the point of guild requirements to find a group of people that want to make a similar level of contribution towards the group’s rewards? These people that don’t want to play Guild Wars can just group together in a guild that doesn’t play guild wars. Problem solved.

LOL… What the heck are you talking about? That’s not even close to the same thing.


Well maybe they should test the waters and see. Have them make wars every 6 weeks and see who leaves and who stays. Yep the folks that are losing don’t care because they can’t run a guild that stays at the top every wars. Folks that are always top 5 in B1 do care. On the issue of some guild require it. Go to one that does not require it. They are out there. Some guilds only want :trophy:

I vehemently object to that suggestion. Why not make it every week and see who quits.

How is a PvP battle and a GW battle any different?

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Devs could add medals to defs slots, lock all defs on Monday, and then open all 6 days on Tuesday. That way, if you want, you can play 6 days in 5 or even less, and no colors must be removed

In PvP there’s no guild versus guild matchup, there’s no scoring for how efficiently you win, there’s no need to play a single color team to maximize said scoring, or the defensive strategy associated with planning for a team of that color each day without re-using any troops multiple times. Basically none of the strategic or qualitative elements are there.

What you do have in PvP is the ability to choose between three different battles and no need for a single specific color team, so you can always use a team that easily counters the defense you’re playing. Just winning random PvP battles is much easier, and that’s even if you don’t avoid the more difficult defenses.


Here’s Rojo to counter with if you change Guild Wars the terrorist win.↓

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Some folks that have jobs do not want to set all DEF on Monday. Some folks have RL things that have to be attended to.