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This is haunting me

Still not a single tarrot troop pull for me in the Vault. Am I the only one with this piss poor luck? I am now 250-300 vault keys in.

I think you’re just cursed Eika. We need a support group for you. :rofl:

Pointing out again that keeping the drop rates private violates the game store policies IP2 agreed to with Google, Apple, Amazon, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.


No need to spam your thread in this thread as well. I know the drop rate is hell low - that is good enough for me. I just want to find players that experienced the same so I dont feel so lonely about it. I swear using VK at this stage makes my days a tiny worse than it is.

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I… just… don’t… want… anymore… cedrics…

Guess who I got today.


Heart of… ah, yeah… :grimacing:

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yeah our friend Cedric…

It would be nice if those gnomes stopped popping from the vault after you have them at mythic rarity, because right now Cedric is worth just few souls after disenchanting the +5 copies, so that makes the main prize in the vault feel like… nothing…


Right there with you. No HoR or tarot (yet™)

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It warms my heart to hear. I am not alone.

Same for me, with a small differance - I haven’t used vault keys since i’ve got HoR from Vault (not sure if any Tarot cards were in pool by that time).

At least you have gotten HoR. :+1:

You’ll get one eventualy… and before that you’ll get at least 2 copies of all released Tarot cards :wink:

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Give me 5000 vault keys first. Then I might get something. :rofl:

You just need One. THE ONE. :wink:

I used to love vault keys… Then i felt like they got worse… i take gold/gems over HOR (which i have few) or any of the troops… its 1/10 vaults that i get something else than a gnome… so we started testing it in our guild, and playing vault on lower difficulty levels seemed to give less gnome cards, and resources instead. The lower level vaults were played by lower lvl players. Then, after a while it was just the same for us all, krhm… gnomes, gnomes everywhwhere… I wonder… If we could have options on what we are craving for, as some kinda brackets to choose from or having a chance to reroll the prize. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Same as you. Imagine the pain when there is 7 differently or more Tarrot troops in the pool, and then you pull duplicates through two years.

VK doesnt grow on trees, I get 2 max a week of them, that is a little over 100 keys a year. Then on top of it I do go to at least 25 gnomes killed in gnome events, so thats 5 extra * 10, I dont know how many gnome events it is in a year. And a few I get from gnomes in the gnome events - lets say average 3 through 10 events a year.(3*10 = 30).

That is 180 Vault keys a year for someone that plays quite a bit. Lets round it to 200 Vault Keys.

So as we already know non campaign players can go years without getting a tarrot card due the low drop rate.

It is insane to think of that there is a good chance of not getting a tarrot card out of 200 VK used. Im at 300 atm.


There are 22 cards in the major arcana of tarot I believe.

Just imagine the chances of finding a particular one if/when there are so many released :upside_down_face:


I even struggle to imagine it…

End of next month is going to be fun, when the newer players that weren’t around for the first campaigns start to realize that their current paid for campaign pass doesn’t contain The Sun required to craft one of the campaign mythic troops…