Yet to get a single Tarrot or HoR

Now I believe we are almost one and a half year in since HoR was added to the VK rewards, and I have used over 300 Vault Keys, and not gotten a single new VK/Tarrot troop.

@Saltypatra I might be in the very minority, but please ask them to make the drop rates a little better, so I at least have one new troop by 2023 and after I have spent 700 keys.

Again these VK keys does not grow on trees.


Or just not stick things in Vaults. I mean … I know they’re supposed to have good stuff but having collection things that don’t really serve another purpose, ergh …


I’d expect these troops to be on flash offers sooner or later, in line with the company’s ongoing effort to dig themselves out of the hole they created when monetisation took over.

Meanwhile, I’m at my third HoR and no signs of Suns or Emperors…
:sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:


@AMT 3 HoR wow :open_mouth:

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