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A massive slam in the belly

to make that damn vault troop so hard to obtain. So annoyed that I even forgot its name. Massive middlefinger to try getting it, especially when that goddamn Cedric shows up all the time. Both should have equal chance of dropping.

Edit: It’s called Heart of Rage.


But but but they are both legendary and all of them will have the same chance!!!

Wait… :face_with_monocle::joy::face_with_head_bandage::sob:


I’m now at 12 cedricks & 0 hearts of rage. There is no way it’s the same drop rate.
Zero chance.


Its sad that the difference is that onesided… I gave up on getting this troop.

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Kinda makes you wonder if all other rarities of troops are weighted the same or if we just assume they are. For instance.
My guild has received 6 Queen Aurora Legendary Tasks. But have never received Arachnean Weaver as a Legendary Task. Is that purely luck? Or is it because they are weighted differently despite both being Mythic Troops?
Why aren’t the drop rates for vaults and legendary tasks made public like chests and chaos portals?

Oh because the same Rarity of troops can have different weights and they don’t want to make that info too public? Pretty loot boxy 505 Lames.


Did someone on the dev team say that Heart of Rage and Cedric were supposed to be equally likely? I’ve spent a bunch of Vault Keys lately trying for the Daemon Gnome (no luck), and I have also seen vastly more Cedrics than Hearts.

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Nope, quite the opposite actually (clouded as usual by the lack of details required for transparent communication):

The dodges by the company representatives in that whole thread speak for themselves, and drop rate expectations can be set accordingly.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:

They are just both Legendary Rarity. Which in literally all other aspects (except for the custom troops) of the game have meant that the drop rate has been the same. The fact that they aren’t, is literally unprecedented. And outside of the 20 people that still use the forums. The 200 people that still play gems of war have absolutely no reason to assume their drop rates are different…


Yeah I’ve spent over 100 vault keys and still no luck
Oh well
I’ve given up on asking the devs for anything, still had explore freeze on me this weekend, a year+ long problem for players
Another drop in the bucket

I am lucky to have 2 HOR, but would happily swap 1 for an Epic Vault Key!

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I actually have three Hearts of Rage now and I barely get to play on Vault weekends. No idea how I got so lucky, I wish I could give them to people who need them!!


That’s an interesting thought. I’ve always just assumed all troops of the same rarity have the same chance of dropping, be it from keys, or vault or whatever.

Sneaky sneaky.

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It would be nice if they could implement the rules that they have for Guardians. Once you have them upgraded to Mythic with 4 copies, remove them from the drop table.
I’m sitting on 38 Cedrics & 2 Heart of Rage

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@CrzBoarder They wouldnt allow us that, the many gnome copies is hindering ut to get the best vault rewards. And that is intentional.

I got these while trying to get just 1 Daemon Gnome. Oh and I got ZERO Daemon gnome so far… Something around 90 keys in total

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I have all vault troops and I have the epic key but if I didn’t it would be no big deal. I do not use the troops in battle anyway so it can wait.

I just tried again to make sure; but Heart of Rage is still in there @Eika.

Several copies of Cedric and the other troops dropped beforehand though.

Hopefully RNG will be kind to you and one will drop for ya soon! :crossed_fingers:


wow, @Macawi. Can it be that the drop rate is only harsh when your try to get the first copy of it, then become easier to obtain after for duplicates? Something.

I’ve burned at least 350 vault keys trying to pull one, at least it’s cool to know others are pulling it and i’m not missing out on something gamechanging.

About the only thing that I can say for RNG is…