I know it's rng but

I started complaining to my guildies about my bad luck about the band gnomes during the last vault event. I very rarely got a band gnome and when I did, it was verse 2. This events last 5 gnomes have been verse 2. I made a deal with the GM that we would launch pet rescues on certain hours, but I can’t do my part. So Now I am at this

So I thought to check if the game offers some help for a few coins…

Ummm, with the nerfed palooza, gnomes giving you air when there are no keys, I think I’ll just get a cat…

“I have seen the throne of Gods, and it was empty”


That is some terrible luck. For reference on xbox, this is mine…always stayed relatively even.


50 matches in and not a single Gnome.

The devs forgot that most players doesnt even play 50 matches a day it looks like.


I just can’t believe it, from the moment I posted I now have 27 verse 2, it feels so weird, the lottery time, maybe😂


The pain must be real.

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Just got my first band gnome too for this event, it was the one I have most copies of LOL

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At least there are more gnomies to brutally murder this time than the last time, I feel your pain too, I gave up on Saturday the last time

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The numbers I’m seeing have brought me out of my hidey hole, and I NEVER come here. Seems like there a shadow nerf to the entire drop rate…

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We have bad luck or something has changed. 1 out of the 2.

I seem to have issues getting verse 1.

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Number 3 loves to annoy me, been like this in every event.

@Tabu You still have a lot of time to wait for your luck to turn around, as for @Eika it’s getting frustrating :grimacing:

Still not sure about the verse offer price, do you guys think it’s fair? For the original gnome prize drops maybe, but now…

Considering it breaks rules of both Apple and Google store, nope.

Both stores require companies publicize loot box rates, so, vault rates need to be public.


#weavergate = no $ on GoW

You can lead a cash cow to water, but you cannot make it drink.


I feel your pain… I am same as you but missing Verses 3.
The difference between Verses 3 and the lowest one is more than 20.
I been Grinding heavy but no luck to get these verses 3, matter fact I been getting more of what i had most. Crazy.

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2 x Gnome-a-Palooza for me this weekend, since I can’t more verse 4.

The verse offer is ridiclously expensive.

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You can guess what my verse luck has been like since GaP was introduced…

My irl friend has all the verse 2’s, and missing all the 4s. (we both play on Steam)

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Very few gnomes, few verses (as usual, only those that we have come back), and a few vault keys in the GAP. In the vault battle Cedric drops more than anything else even though I have more than 300 copies of him. Vault event is nerfed to the point where it doesn’t even feel like a vault event anymore. Should contemplate on continuing to play this game.