Is gnome weekends rigged?

It’s odd, I am at zero of a certain verse… With over 20 each of the other 3… And I have been getting an OBSCENE amount of soul gnomes popping up. And I already have over 5,900,000 souls to start with… At least one in 75% of pallooza’s… . Just curious if anyone else thinks it’s rigged.

not rigged, controlled!!

it has to be, its a computer game…

Screenshot 2023-03-03 081830
I can always do with a few more souls :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

2 hours of playing and missing 1 crown. Yayy

Good lord… lol


Got all 10 of mine in around 10 minutes or so


Awful rng, thanks for your response. :sweat_smile:

Tangential: what’s the best kingdom to farm explore 1 with 3x Ironhawk now that it’s Wild Plains week? :thinking: :pray: :vulcan_salute:

I believe Sin of Maraj is also pretty weak.

Wild Plains still falls to Devil/Sister/2 Hawks though

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Thanks, will give it a shot… :pray:

Yeah, trying to maximize laziness by having that single cast through the weekend if still possible :stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:

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Last palooza i noticed a large number of bsttles were 2-3 soul gnomes. With 1 possible exception, they always dropped souls. I mean easily every 2nd or 3rd battle had 2 or 3 soul gnomes. I will be recording my paloozas this weekend.

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Gnome drop rate is awful today. I’m pretty sure something is broken. It’s almost like a normal day, not vault weekend.

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Yep something has been done to the drop rate on gnomes. Its much worse than normal

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Nothing suspicious. Looks like any other gnome weekend so far.


Well ive done 12 hours today grinding
Uk started 7pm

Over 1200 explore 1 and 2 fights.
32 verses.

So your rate seems same.
Mine is defo down.

I got 552 vk last vault event.

Im not gonna get near that this weekend.

Plus not one verse during the 10 gaps ive done.

Iv always had one verse maybe every 3 or 4 gaps.

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I can’t play much as usual on vault weekends due to work. But I did a few runs earlier and my gnome drop was increased. Back to back verses several times.

Rigged? Nope.
Controlled? Nope.
But it is, to put it in the words of te devs, “slightly biased” :joy:

for me is very good 1st day after months