They nerfed the everloving poopoo out of gnome events

In 8 hours of play I got enough gnomes to craft only 2 gnome a palloozas… Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t seen enough gnomes (band ones that give gnomapalooza lyrics) to generate even one new addition to my crafting ability. Gnomes should be coming out of our ears on Vault weekends, but that’s not happening.


I had that twice, once each day for a while. But then I got 6 verses in less than 15 minutes again more than once as well. Overall it’s the best weekend I ever had. :thinking:

You are looking at it the wrong way around. Gnome weekends were introduced long before anyone had the gnome forging in mind, and when that part was added, they became insanely overpowered. This is a hit on game and event balance, that still hasn’t been fully ironed out, and puts immense pressure on players to participate on those weekends.
At times I wish, they simply removed the gnome forging options during Vault weekends.

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What the heck is gnome forging?

Referring to the ability to craft a gnome-a-palooza (gap) in the soul forge. Each of the four band gnomes rewards you with a different lyric if you defeat them and you win the battle they sprang up in. If you have one of each type of lyric you can craft 1 gap.

I have never heard of the term before lol

Always a similar anecdotal report from one player here every Vault event.

Seems odd that everyone else is not experiencing anywhere near the same issue? :thinking:

Think there would be more reports if a ‘nerf’ had actually happened.


update it did start out very slow but became the most lucrative event I played yet.

And what i meant about crafting the palloozas was gnomes weren’t dropping, especially Cindy savagelips.

Thank you see you again next vault event


This is actually the first gnome vault weekend where I battled more than one gnome. I swear I never got gnomes before this weekend for this event. I finally got enough for one vault key. I’ve always thought I played enough that I should get more, but not until now. Now that I said something I will probably go back to getting no gnomes. :zipper_mouth_face: