Crafting Gnome-A-Palooza outside the vault event?

So let’s hear it, I want your opinion on using those verses outside the gnome weekend. Insane, or not? Some opinions/insight would also be appreciated on this fairly new crossroad.

  • Yeah, sure! I’ll go Paloozing whenever I feel like it!
  • I might do it, but mostly just to start a pet rescue!
  • Never! That’s madness!!
  • IDK!

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~20 vault keys > pet rescue.


Have many people tried it? I’ve only seen one post where someone had only one vault key drop, the droprate difference is huge if that is not just a bit of bad luck also. Leaving the pity keys out of the count, I did get around 10 vault keys from Palooza during the event.

So, if you’re going for just raw materials, i.e. souls, glory, gems, jewels, and chaos shards then you have a higher output during a non Vault event time due to the fact that you’re not having the increased key drop replacing normal loot.

That said, the rewards from a vault key are going to be greater value because not only are you getting 4x gnome rewards during the GaP event, but then you’re also getting the 4x gnome rewards from the vault key that is dropped. That opens the door to orb drops, rare troops, higher gold collection, etc.

So, if you value souls, jewels and glory more, then use a GaP during non Vault Event. Every other scenario is better waiting for Vault Events to maximize your loot.

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Watching this for the comments. I don’t know which way I lean towards yet.

I think run GAP whenever. To me, GAP = pet. Everything else is only a bonus.

I know people love their vault keys but I dont care much. Most of the rewards are lackluster. Blue orbs and power orbs are nice, but the likelihood of those are slim. The tarot cards are also nice but again, not likely.

I only got enough verses for two GAPs last time. I know I know, bad RNG, but I just don’t play enough to get loads of verses. My time may be better spent during vault weekend farming for verses and not spending GAPs. But farming is boring so I dont know…

TLDR I dont know.

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I get 1-3 vault keys outside GAP. I farmed most of the verses after the 1st day of the vault event and still got a decent amount of verses, ~7k trophies (4-day GAP). So Paloozing when I feel like it for now.



I like it, the hunt… You can watch TV while doing it, I even played hold em on Xbox while doing it, but as people started to notify me “kindly” about my turns taking a bit too long, I just settle with the TV now…

I am still in need of all the materials except ingots, so I would have played the Palooza, if only I would have found the right verse. This was before I knew the vault event would come again so soon, being enlightened now, I would have saved it. I am hunting for verse 3, as they were given to me a bit unevenly.

@Wow That is a great amount of verses grinded in the updated Palooza drop rate. I am aiming to get 20 Paloozas next weekend. I land somewhere around 3k trophies in vault event, so that gives me hope.

I am now thinking my approach is to explore Friday and Saturday, on Sunday I will launch a pet rescue every hour, I’ll still have time to play one or two gaps after rescuing the pet, without having to visit PVP.

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Verse 3 is my bane as well, @terberos.

I’ve set up a Google Sheets signup sheet for my guild for next weekend so that we can have pet rescues going off on the hour every hour from Friday through Sunday. By spreading the load around the guild, there’s more time for everyone to go after Verses to get their supply up while still getting the benefits of regular pets.

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Here’s my two cents.

GAPs are fantastic for Vault events. The amount of keys you can get is ludicrous, especially considering pity keys. However, while you’re using GAP during a Vault event, you’re lowering the already slim chances of finding a band gnome.

@Snooj and I discussed this a bit in another thread: one way of going about it is to use GAPs during Vault events until the gnomes required for a pity key is too high (whatever that means to you). Then, spend the rest of the event grinding out band gnomes. This way, you get a lot of VKs, while also setting yourself up for the next Vault event.


I wish they set “Band gnome” rate to Zero when GAP is active. So we can have a decent rate for band gnomes out of GAP.

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Regardless of when you choose to activate Gnome-A-Palooza, the important thing is that you turn your sound up to max beforehand because that music is :fire:


If you have very few verses then do it only in event. If you have lots of them then yes do them whenever you feel like it. I would say lots of them would be if you have at least 30 of the lowest one.

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Have we got encounter/ drop rate information for gnomes and vault keys, in and outside of GAP/ Gnome Weekend?

Closed the poll at 50 votes to help me while I use one of my superpowers (math). After careful calculations, it seems most people would save Paloozas for the event. The numbers might have been even stronger given the new circumstances. Speaking for myself, it does sting a little to get lesser resources from gnomes IF it concerns me, that remains to be seen. But it could have been worse, surely I am not the only one who felt a change was coming, just hoped it would not come yet. As we still get those pity keys, a lot of them and if vault key drops stay untouched, this is still a great addition to the game and for the players. Even just to launch a pet event if one feels like it, is great. All in all, at the moment, Palooza has become even more strongly mostly a vault key machine, let’s hope we get to keep that, it’s still a lot more than before.

Agreed. Pity keys are the main draw of GaP now on top of guaranteed pet events.

At least the vault battle rewards haven’t been touched so you still have good chances of getting gold, gems, diamonds and such using keys as well as the orbs and vault/tarot troops.


The 2nd nerf means never do GAP outside vault events.

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At least not yet. I gotta imagine this is next on the list as the Verses → Gnome-a-Paloozas → Vault Keys → (Major) Orbs pathway has made orbs so cheap and plentiful.

Well the Tarot cards are impossible to get so I guess the orbs can get them to mythic for people that bought the pass. Everyone else :woman_shrugging: