1 vault key from 15 min palooza maybe

is this correct?

When it’s not a vault event then yeah. I would only recommend doing palooza during vault events.


so its correct in your mind even though rewards have been completely gutted, and devs never said only usable during a 3 day event?

You can use it whenever you like you just won’t get many vault keys.


many is incorrect - maybe got 1 or 0

It is no secret that gnomes vault key drop rate is low outside any Gnome Events. That has been stated before, a few 1000 times.


during 15 minute palooza ? where did the developers state that?

During vault event. Nothing changed with the palooza bud.


so the palooza does not exist then with any meaning outside the gnome days . but the devs never said that anywhere. so now everyone knows.

don’t bother with palooza outside whatever days the devs allow it to work…

You expect them to announce changes? Why would they when there is no changes? So naturally the droprate is the same as before outside the gnome event. You are just venting a little here. If you were unsure, why use the palooza before asking?? Man up a little, and blame it on yourself…


not venting at all - asked a question. you however are with baseless accusations. Flower

Your mistake since you were unsure of the obvious, by not asking before using the Palooza. So you decided to blame it on the devs. Have a fun rant…


you must be trying to achieve something like locking the thread or something, but its pretty obvious since its up there in forge to use all the time, its limitations could have been made clear.
Clearly having made an informational thread that you don’t like you want to attack the messenger…enjoy

Man up a little and move on. You lost your case. Accept the defeat and walk away.

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What’s with the toxic negativity, Eika?


pardon (10 characters)

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you don’t have an excuse for blatant trolling

Vault key drop rate from gnomes outside vault event: 1%
Vault key drop rate from gnomes during vault event: 10%


Palooza can always be started. But, when outside vault event, the drop rates of (epic) vault keys are always a lot lower (X10 maybe even x20) then within vault weekend. So actually nothing changed. Just keep those verses in your pocket and wait for next vault event (Aug 13 i believe)


Does the game state that vault keys drop more frequently during gnome weekend? This isn’t rhetorical, I actually don’t know if that info is in game. If it is, then the devs already did tell you what you needed to know for GAP.

Also, personally, I don’t view vault keys as the main reward from GAP. To me it’s the guaranteed pet. So, GAPs are plenty useful outside the gnome weekend.

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