1 vault key from 15 min palooza maybe

@Snooj It is so much easier to blame someone else you know. :bowing_man: :smirk:

Also easier to take cheap shots and condescend to someone “new” (infrequent poster, at least) to the forums who might not know as much about game mechanics as veterans like yourself rather than use some charity and patience in explaining the mistake thoroughly, and with sympathy.

It’s not crazy for a player unfamiliar with the game’s general mechanics or who doesn’t frequent the forum enough to know to peruse the (often incomplete anyway) patch notes to assume that a Palooza is a “gnome event” trigger. For 15 minutes, as opposed to a weekend. That’s not how it works, as explained above, but for any player that thought it was, “wasting” the hard-earned Palooza by crafting at an inopportune time sucks.

So maybe the better tact for a Positive Petra to take would be: “Yeah, man, sorry about how that happened to you. Sucks to waste those verses chasing after the keys you thought would be there in abundance. But hopefully you got some good stuff besides, at least, and now you’ll know better for next time.”

If they hit back after that, then fine — be abrasive. But out the gate? Poor form, indeed.


I wasnt sure either and im a veteran. Only took a couple tests outside vault to figure it out tho. Actually i was more of a dont trust the devs guy then a didnt know guy. Hard when a lot of info isnt in the game and when the devs are on live they just talk about their dog or whatever


@peacefull save for the next vault weekends if you are after for vault keys. It’s gonna be fun.

I tried opening keys after vault weekend and the rewards are not bad at all. Can farm souls that way easily too.

The % of vault keys were not confirmed by the devs. I feel that they can change it too. So next round, grab the opportunity until we can.

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actually got no pet either, in fact no real rewards at all unless you count souls and ingots.
and i have used 1 outside the official days - the ones on the screen - before and got rewards so what i posted is true.

it changed, and it changes whenever the devs decide.

since its pay to win these days, with the money cards locked in the vault, clearly access to them is allegedly thru palooza, and that was promo’d by the unusually generous opening event for a few. However palooza clearly changes all the time, and the only way you find out is by trying it.

there is no real access to the money cards anymore when the average gnome drops 100 souls - 3 today - all the same ‘reward’.

anyone thinking that palooza offers real access without paying for those cards is ignoring the facts, which is why when i posted this fact i knew i was gonna cop it here.

Pet Gnomes only show up in PvP and Arena, never in the other game modes.


:rofl: Nice one


@ats1080 Rather a sad one, I was just telling the obvious and got a negative reaction from one who rather wanted to blame the Devs…

Are my eyes deceiving me or is vault event scheduled next week? How can that be, I’m still having gnomes in my dreams from the last one…


Vault weekend is next weekend. It appears the developers pushed back the regular weekend rotation by a week when they inserted the bonus Vault weekend with the release of 5.6.

The other thing I’ve noticed during my perusal of the upcoming events over at Taransworld is that the Arena weekend was removed from the rotation. That caught my attention when I realized that the timing on the next delve release (from the Troops page) had it at 35 days after the previous delve.



Well not many people will miss that arena event… Good thing I’m having an easy going week now, so I will be ready for the hunt!


I’m psyched, I managed to get next Friday out of the office. Let the gnome massacre begin!


This did come as a bit of surprise to me, but I think week is enough for me to cut all connections to the outside world!

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So Tarans is wrong?

“Now we all gonna be rich like Nedry…”

hmm, don’t know what you quoted…is that from a dev?

The GIF was meant as an excitement. Nedry knew he was gonna get rich when he found the embryos.


Ah, a man of culture as well I see.

Too bad Nedry got gobbed in the face by an overgrown frilled lizard.

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