After the event gow

Will you get the same gnomes to play with your verses, after this event. And will you still drop vault and epic keys

Vault key drop rate is 10x during gnome weekend. Better craft GaP now.


i never heard of this, is this true?

Yes it’s a normal vault event. That’s always the case.

You’ll also get keys from a “pity” counter.

I’d craft GaPs only during vault events - just for the keys from the counter alone that makes the most sense.

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Will you get less random vault key drops from gnomes if you craft a gnomapalooza during a non-vault event, or is the rate 1/10 only during vault events?

Copied from official game guide:

Vault Events

Vault Events are sometimes held on weekends for a time period of around 72 hours. During this time the chance of Treasure Gnomes appearing increases and so does the chance of earning a Vault Key or Epic Vault Key.


Thank you! I’ll save a few for next vault event to get the easier pity keys.

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