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Cursed Gnome Vault Event

Is the Cursed Gnome dropping just Cursed Gems during this Vault Event or should we be expecting it to drop Vault keys again despite being told it wouldn’t prior to the last Vault Event?

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the players can’t ‘really’ answer this for you and as you stated you feel you’ve been lied to by the devs once before. so, you want to maybe be lied to again? is that it?

I assume the OP is looking for anyone who has gotten a vault key from a cursed gnome to post here

Ideally would like to here from a dev.

Or if anyone has heard about this issue being corrected in the forums since the last event. The only thing I’ve heard is that the vault even cause the cursed gnome to drop vaults. Nothing about the issue being fixed.

I’ve had 1 cursed gnome during this vault event, during a GAP. It dropped gems, but I’m beginning to wonder if the drop rate for the gnome was decreases to stop people who drop Explore 12 matches

At least you found one. Did a double gap (30 minutes) & got zero cursed gnomes.
Also got zero Epic Keys. With 424 gnomes defeated.
This vault event is off to a resounding “meh”.


I got a vault key from a cursed gnome on the last gnome event, I was quite displeased. This was regular explore outside of a GAP.

Has anyone seen any Cursed Gnomes today???

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One at 10/20 counter: been doing only explore 1 and no GaP to get a feel of what is the realistic drop rate and adjust guildies expectations accordingly.
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Just have ran two GAPs, that is an awful number of Gnomes spawning. Not a single cursed gnome.

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Knowing these Devs, I expect them to meganerf Cursed Gnome appearance during GaP, so no surprises there (and in line with some reports from guildies who ran GaPs and have yet to see a CG.)
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I just need to go out having a walk and clear my mind with some fresh air… thats what I need.


Took around 1300 fights for my first Cursed Gnome (Outside the GaP)


Just finished my first GAP of the day. Saw at least three cursed gnomes. Luck!

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I have to get one to actually appear first. Its a gnome weekend and once again gnomes outside of a GAP seem to be MIA for me.

If an amplified chance of x+50% gave us almost zero cursed gnomes, I can only imagine how little the chance x to find one.


my thoughts exactly!

4 x GaPs - 1 cursed gnome (3 runes, not VK). The grind is real :joy:

Got 3 of them in 273 E1 explores. No GaP.