Has the vault event really started?

Has anyone had a gnome drop a vault key today?

There seem to be few treasure gnomes in my battles, maybe I’m just unlucky.

Guess i am unlucky aswell, seen just one gnome so far (PS4 here) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps:nvm, just after i posted they started appearing a lot , got 5 more since then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been playing almost non stop for the last 3 hours or so, I’ve hit all three Gnomes in PvP multiple times.

Thanks for the replies.

After posting, I counted 3 gnomes in 50 battles. Probably means nothing statistically.

Played more, and out of 3 soul gnomes and maybe 5 to 10 treasure gnomes, I got two vault keys from the soul gnomes. So I take it the vault event is really here.

Also GoW Weekly Events now shows the event starting today instead of Saturday.

In about 40 explores I’ve found 1 who droped 1000 souls lol

Aww man, I have Monday off too. Was hoping to play all day and rack up.

I remember last time we had the event I wasnt even searching for them and they were everywhere xD Now that I wanna farm them, nope

Luck is a fickle thing.

Sometimes I see fewer gnomes during Vault events than otherwise. It’s a flat % chance, but even with a 99% chance there is a universe where you never see a treasure gnome.

Pray it’s not that universe.