Devs need to crank up the vault key drop rate

With the gnome event being every six weeks now thanks to the insertion of an underwhelming class event into the rotation, it is even more difficult to get those elusive vault-only troops. Especially bad is how few vault keys drop from gnomes. You can go hours between seeing them, even running Explore battles at maximum speed.

The devs should increase the vault key drop rate to make up for making the gnome event even rarer.


I think the drop rate is just fine. It’s much higher than outside of the event to begin with. So far, I’ve found 11 Vault Keys (12 from one being inside the Vault itself) from 58 (94 including Vault) and I feel like it’s fair. Seems to be roughly a 1 in 7 chance.

I do agree that the vault troops have atrociously bad drop rate during vault events though. Still looking for Cedric Sparklesack myself.


Oddly I have had no problem with getting Cedric Sparklesack, it’s the dam valraven and pet gnome I can’t obtain a copy of :joy:

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Perhaps they need a pity timer then, for my experience today is ridiculous.

7 hours and 30 minutes of grinding boring Explore battles netted a single Vault Key. That Vault Key gave me a Valraven, 100 souls, 5 gems, and 2 minor traitstones. There is no way the devs intended for somebody to play that much and net so little, so something should be done.

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News Flash!!! New Shop opens for the Vault!
For a small fee of 100 gems, you can buy a Vault Key, a Magic Key, An Iron Key, A Gold Key, A Gem Key, A Glory Key, and a VIP Key.

I have done dozens of Vault keys, with 95% of them on Warlord 4 (mind you I win about 90 - 95% of those) … I have yet to get Valraven and Pet gnome, and only have ONE Sparklesack and Treasure Gnome.

If devs increase the vault key drop rate, they will reduce the rewards… So no thanks.

They already did reduce the rewards by reducing the rate the event shows up.

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Difficulty doesnt affect gnome drops tho. Its best to do vault battle on normal

I got 5 vault keys yesterday, none today. It all evens out in the end.

I think you should have to pay 50 gems to use more than one vault key every 24 hours.

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