What's the deal with Vault Keys?

In the last 2 months, I have killed about 150 treasure gnomes…and absolutely ZERO vault keys…3 vault keys total since gnomes were brought in. what’s the deal?

Are you making the proper sacrifices to the RNG Gods? Really it’s all up to chance. I have yet to get any vault keys and I can’t even tell you how many of those gnomes I’ve killed…

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I’ve done some testing in this event and as of right now I can confirm that the encounter rate for gnomes is at (roughly) 10% and the chance for vault key drop from these gnomes is also (roughly) 10% (during this event). This means you need to kill around 10 gnomes per vault key.

I got 5 so far (yes, I killed over 50 gnomes and I’ve been spamming explore with sunbird/bomb team).

After the event is over it’s quite hard to know the exact statistic since the drop is so rare, but until monday reset enjoy the 10% chance for gnome and 10% drop from them for vault keys. It’s worth it.

Go to the gym and practice your vaults. I’ve heard some horsing around helps. :smile:



I’ve done around 1,200+ Explores. 3 Vault Keys. Killed 120+ Gnomes. @Rustiee 10% Vault Key drop rate, I doubt it.

You’re just unlucky. In theory it’s possible you’ll never even see a gnome and a vault key. Highly unlikely, but possible.

It has been a consistent 10% for me.

Been seeing a normal amount of both gnomes. You just have to play some to see them…

In two hours I have seen at least 10 gnomes. 3 pet gnomes. Killed 1 without waiting. Lots of luck I suppose. Keep at it. They are there. I can confirm.

2 vault keys… lucky day.

I think you’re just lucky. Its not 10% chance for a vault key

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It’s a 10% upon a 10% of encountering a gnome. That means it’s a 1% chance to get a vault key on explore spam.

I also said “roughly” and 1% for a vault key on EVENT weekend seems like a high enough drop rate for me, since we all know how GoW works.

With that said, you can get unlucky and never see one during the entire event.

Defeated around 250 gnomes at this point, and still no keys.

The odds of a treasure gnome dropping a vault key outside of the vault event weekend is extremely extremely rare. In 10’s of thousands of battles (no exaggeration) I’ve had only 3 drop outside of a vault event weekend.

During a vault event you should get a key roughly every 130 battles.

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I don’t think I have ever had a vault key from a treasure gnome outside of the vault event. I think I have more chance of winning the jackpot on the Euromillions lottery this Friday :joy:

I’d just rather not get stones or souls and I’m happy. I never expect to see a vault key.

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I did get 2 pet gnomes back to back yesterday. That was new and a guildmate also had it happen today too. Needless to say he didn’t wait it out :rofl::joy:

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