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Did the Dev's forget to programm in the Vaultkeys?

After killing more than 90 Treasure Gnomes I still have to receive the first vault key. Somebody pinched them? Or did the Dev’s forget to program them in?
Somebody else who thinks those keys are more than rare?

They are rare, you will need to wait for vault event for a better chance to catch a vault key

Ricky is right, they are really rare. Since the gnomes were introduced i only droped one Vault Key outside the event, and that was a few weeks ago.

I’ve received something like 4 natural vault keys in the entirety of my play.

They’re stupid rare. Keep the grind up.

To get a Vault Key, use the right bait!
Introducing the Vault Worms with a 1 in 10 chance of hocking a Vault Key at the low, low, low introductory price of just 5 Gems each!

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Huh? To quote Wikipedia, [citation needed].

I actually did get 1 (one) vault key yesterday, it was my fourth vault key outside vault events since the introduction of this stuff.
I’m too lazy to work out gnome statistics on ordinary days, but I write down everything during vault events and, at least for me, vault key drop rate hovers around seven to eight per cent. (Okay, it was almost 10% last time around, but only because I played significantly less than previously and got a streak of vault keys on Friday so drop rate didn’t fall down to usual numbers).

New Troop: Eye of the Vault
100 mana red
When cast will create a Vault Key and do 12 damage to a random enemy.

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I would so love a troop that otherwise sucked and handicapped you but gave at least a chance of better rewards.

RARE??? I call that non existing…
They are as rare as VIP keys…. Those are invisible as well…

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Vault keys are more rare then panties in porn!

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I have the same issue, I have killed 137 treasure gnomes and no vault keys.

Or virgins at the prom.

Then there are people who say the AI is cheating… But it is not the AI who is cheating… The dev’s are cheating us by programming the AI…

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Hey there! If the devs programmed the AI to cheat, it would be so good we wouldn’t have any players. :frowning:

Vault Keys are meant to be super rare to obtain, like Mythics. Don’t focus on trying to get one, let it happen when it happens. Getting a Treasure Gnome in itself is good and is an additional bonus to all the other stuff going on in the game. The Vault Keys are a bonus to the… bonus.


Can we get an Ingot Gnome?

And can we name him Ignotcio?


Can we get a Mythic Gnome and call it Mythical?
Can we get a Legendary Gnome and call it Lengenical?
Can we get a VIP Gnome and call it VIPical?

you saying you know personally that noones ever quit this game cause they thought the ai was cheating?please do share said “statistics” xD

That is a silly claim to make. People think the AI is cheating all the time, and some of them quit because of it. They are almost always* wrong.

(* The AI cheats in favor of the player. There has been one instance I am aware of where this code was bugged in a way that both player and AI could take advantage of. But the troops most affected by it were the ones typically deemed unreliable by the player base, so it just seemed like the AI was getting an advantage.)


So next vault event is this weekend or next one? Im little confused with the new schedule