Nerf / Reduction of Vault Keys?

I noticed recently that the Vault Keys appear to be much less frequent than they used to be.
I have only gotten one so far, the rest of the resources were pretty much the worst you can get.

Your thoughts?

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Tacet’s yesterday stream - 8 vault keys in 3 hours and 15 minutes

I played for 10 hours and got only 1. There’s cleary something wrong with my account.
Also, no Pet Gnomes for 3 weeks!

When it’s a small % drop that only happens if you trigger a small % event, your luck is going to swing even more than usual. If my guesses at the rates are right, it takes about 1,000 gnomes to even have a feel for the vault key rate and determine what side of luck you’re on.

But there’s a good lesson here: this is why “average” based mechanics revolving around probability stink. Sometimes you get a long “stretch” of bad luck. The Probability Fairy doesn’t guarantee she’ll match it with a long stretch of good luck. Some peoples accounts are going to be luck negative their entire life, some will be luck positive their entire life.

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Not seeing an issue with drop rates on my end. You’re just getting unlucky.

I am most likely getting very unlucky. Don’t forget that I did not get a single Pet Gnome for almost four weeks now, and I always do 300-500 Trophies each week in Ranked PvP.

Sometimes it’s just better to delete your old account and start over or quit forever.

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Ouch - what did you do to piss off the RNG gods? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The big Question for me is does a bad RNG ever change as from our experience in guild we have only 4 players that constantly get mythics , gnome drops and plenty of keys during gnome weekend. And two of them grind less than the rest of us. Which makes me wonder if the RNG is set from the start for each player? From our observation it’s the same with AB the lucky ones with good drops always have better AB tasks and that’s peculiar.
I can say that I have the same dilemma of not seeing pet gnome for a while and I do a min of 600 trophies a week.

The curse of RNG :joy:

The RNG doesn’t have a good or bad luck switch. You get what your’e given. There’s some luck-based things (like Mercy’s conversion) that have never quite worked for me the way they work for other people. I just learned not to depend on them.

In theory, if you “try enough times”, everything works according to its programmed possibility. The scary thing about probability is “enough times” for the average person is still 10x smaller than what’s needed for a person with “bad luck”. In theory, someone could probably make it to level 2000 without pulling a mythic from chests. To do that, they’d probably be as lucky as someone who pulled every mythic in 100 gem keys.

Even of that the case. The system is not well thought tbh ( I doubt anyone would stay playing a game after 1year of bad RNG) we had couple players that left the game after only 3 months of bad RNG. I definitely won’t be playing a game where I have to wait a year for 1 of the 100s other endgame pieces.
Bad RNG should be compensated (eg: the more you open the more % go up)

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More and more people are displeased and are leaving the game, even hardened Veterans.
They pretty much state the same reasons. RNG or bad luck, then they get fed up with it and leave, bashing the game in the process.

They say bad rng frustrates them and that’s why they leave
I think the majority of them are just tired of playing after a couple/few years, and can’t admit it to themselves

Could be or RNG is really a problem.
It can be fixed if Devs knows what’s happening with the shrinking community.

As I said in different thread thatRNG should be reworked where a % goes up every time you open a chest and resets after you reach 100% and or get your Mythic. (M not saying that the % should go up fast but like +1% for every 200-500 chest. (Any other solutions are welcome)

3rd vault event in a row where I get less than 4 keys for a whole weekend. And I’m putting in a solid 3 hours every day. So it’s very probable it’s nerfed like just about everything else that gives a player resources. (Yes adventure board, I’m looking at you).

I’ve had 3 this weekend. Normally I don’t get any. We can’t compare this event to the last one though since the gnome rate was increased to make up for the delay in the faction event.

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I got 1 Vault Key so far this weekend so it’s already infinity% above average.

For all what it’s worth, here is my data on gnome events since April 2018.
(Sure, one person is not much.)


If I get one great but I no longer play strictly for gnomes.its a joke and a waste of time.