Cursed gnome droprate

Since this morning after vault event ended, several of my guild have tried to get a cursed gnome. But thus far, only a few have dropped…looks like drop rate is about 0.5% …during vault event it was way better. This way it’s not possible to get enough gnomes to upgrade the soulforge unless you nonstop grind for the coming days…not very motivating


Maybe it was just your luck? Yesterday I played a fair amount of time and didn’t see any cursed gnome. Found all the others except this one. So, for me it’s been bad drop rate from the start :thinking:


Well, drop rate is now x3 lower than yesterday as vault event is gone. I think they should add that boost back to the cursed gnome droprate


Which boost should they add back? Lets be real here it has been an awful drop since it got released.


Some say that is even 0,3% chance. With that 99,99% of players won’t see any cursed gnome for that 7 days, and after first day almost everyone will stop searching - what was the point of bragging of devs about bigger chance?


I’ve given up searching for them. It was almost just about possible to find a couple when both vault event and cursed gnome boost were on, but now vault event is gone I don’t see the point. There are not even other gnomes to find. And after kingdom pass I am pretty sick of grinding low level explore


Also gave up.


And then there’s the deafening silence of the devs again.

I played about 10h with a few breaks, mostly fast explore 1. I got a single cursed gnome.

If that’s working as intended then screw that.

Didn’t expect to unlock it all in one day, but expected at least something more than that.


I caught 6 different gnomes this morning…but the cursed gnome is still missing in action…


I’ve also given up on trying to find the Cursed gnome. Three days of vault event and I found a total of three of them. Played for hours and did 8 GaPs. The drop rate is demoralizing (at least on Xbox), especially for those of us who have to work and want to spend time with our families.

It could have been so much more fun.


Got a kill 150 color troop (blue) this am. Did 10 full explores at E2 in Merlantis.
Then 6 E12 to bring mythstones down & get better medals.
Not one Cursed gnome.
Seems they forgot to keep the boosted rate of cursed gnomes when the vault event ended.


So far I’ve found a single gnome who dropped 2 seals. That’s it. What is even the point of this?


From my fights, I come up with this numbers:
Cursed Gnome drop rate %0.2
Celebration Week Boost (x2)
Today and the other 5 days drop rate: %0.4

  • Yesterday it was %1.2 “%0.2 (Base) x3 (Vault W.) x2 (Cel.W.)”

84 minutes of farming E6 Ghulvania, 3 battles a minute.
0 cursed gnomes.

That’s it from me, no more farming for these, I refuse.


Mind that the “increased drop rate” for Cursed Gnomes is meant to celebrate 6.1 Update. Practical non-existence of Cursed Gnomes reflects the intensity of that celebration. The cake is a lie.


played all day may have had a few small breakes and have had 0 cursed gnomes
not what i would call a celebration more an epic fail i give in


@ALP You seems happy with the poor drop rate. It was meant to be a feast/celebration. This is rather the opposite if you ask me…

Like a massive, tremendous kick in the belly…


Nowhere do I see an endorsement, just actual empirical evidence :man_shrugging:


Just a strong feeling, I hope you are right bud. :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

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I’ve been tracking all my Gnomes today, the 1 thing I can say is in just shy of 500 battles I’ve found 2 cursed Gnomes which is still an increase from the 1 I found all day pre buff on day 1, I’ll post the exact findings just to add to the data pool once I get to 1000 battles for the day. Are they lower than I’d like to see? Definitely but I’ve still managed to get my soulforge to 19 so far but I have been grinding hard. Am I upset over it because of cancelled GWs, the 500 VKs I farmed during the vault event says no haha. Much happier with that than GW rewards. They really should boost these rates more though as people with kids and work full time will pretty much never get this completed. Good Luck to you all in the hunting