Lack of gnomes during vault event.. And mythics

In the last vault even I think I managed to get about 7 gnomes and 3 verses… For my days work… Anyone else? And lack of mythic troops… Is there any way of having more chances other than more chests… My guildies seem to get them all the time… Maybe rng just hates me lol :wink:

How many explores did u do at the vault event?
How many Keys your guildmates spent for those?
Ive felt be lacking good Luck too until I knew its thousands of gem Keys, piled over months.

There was multiple nerfs to the vault weekend since it has been launched, but I believe it has stabilized for now. That being said, my experience with the weakened is your troops come in waves. I don’t get a steady stream of gnomes. I will go an hour of explore 1 with trip ironhawk team and get nothing, and then I will go 15 minutes and get 10. Over the course of three days, and 20ish hours of pushing, you will end up with a lot of VS gnomes. I also find I get more gnomes in the afternoon than in the morning. This observation though is probably just a RNG snapshot of my experience.

I didnt keep any numbers sorry and I will start keeping numbers on how many chests I open daily as I am not sure…ty for your answer and good luck in the game

thanks I’m going to be more observant next time …have fun and good luck with the game