[Fixed] Cursed gnomes still dropping keys

Cursed gnomes were supposed to not drop keys anymore. But just now after reset (so during vault event) this gnome dropped a vault key.


My guildmate has also got a vault key from a cursed gnome.

We were promised that it wouldn’t happen! So, this makes me wonder if the increased chance is also a lie.

Same for me within Palooza.

Working as intended.

twice vk after reset from cursed gnomes

Two Cursed Gnomes just dropped 2 VK outside of GAP :disappointed:

Xmas… This will not be fixed anytime soon!

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A little over 100 battles and I FINALLY get a Cursed Gnome, and it drops a VK. Last time they said the Cursed Gnome rate was increased I got a whopping 1 after 1K+ battles. With these increased rates, I just used up my 1 chance to get runes just to get a VK.

Just got a vault key from a cursed gnome. Given that this clearly isn’t fixed I’m going to assume the 50% increase in cursed gnomes is also not active either. Just more lies from the devs. Utter rubbish

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Just got one dropping a VK myself as well after waiting just shy of 250 battles to encounter one. Absolutely livid.

Imagine my surprise /s :roll_eyes:

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Umm yeah quality.

Same here. I hope they know April Fools is in April, not December.

Can confirm. Just got my first Cursed Gnome in 3 days and it dropped a normal Vault Key

Yep still dropping vault keys

working as intended



I spammed one round of GaP in e3 (for keys), got 3 cursed gnomes, who dropped 4+2 runes for a total of 6 runes and… 1 epic vault key that they said was changed to not drop from them any more.

Anyone wonder why it’s hard to take these devs seriously?

uhhh… so… I just noticed this:

I had 30 runes before I did my e3 spam run. I got 4+2 runes as drops, for a total of 6 runes.
30 + 6 = 35.

… what?

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All throughout the Alliance we are getting keys instead of runes. It’s almost like being trolled by the game!

@Pim can you please categorize it as bug report, though devs won’t do anything right now on Christmas

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3 cursed gnomes found, 2 of them dropped a vault key. In a palooza I have not a problem with a vault key, but of they occure outside it is really annoying. :disappointed_relieved: