Is Cyndi Savagelips bugged?

I have been playing a LONG while… Since the gnome event started… I have had 10… 13… And 17 of the other gnomes drop… Is she bugged or did they make her extremely hard to get?

Well for me it’s the same but for verse 3

I have the highest number of her verses.

Verse 3 used to be my lowest from the time GaPs were introduced but I found so many this first day that it’s now verse 1.

It should even out over time.

I appreciate the answers, guys.

I get the impression that RNG defines your chase gnome and that gnome appears with far less frequency than the other 3. For me it’s Verse 1.

Pretty sure this is a feature, not a bug.

Verse 3 for me, I’ve managed to get 15-20 of all the others but “Hoagi Hotpants” or whatever he’s called, is no where to be seen!

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I am in the same boat. My verse 1 is the lowest. My verse 2 is 50 more than verse 1

My verses👇

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