Seen a lot of verse gnomes lately?

I thought I’m just paranoid, because there has been 0 verse gnomes popping for me quite some time, I do get the other gnomes regularly. Started to have some wild theories in my head about nerfed drop rates, as the vault events are also becoming a rarity. So I asked my guildies and they haven’t seen them either, Well some had 1 or 2 in the past month…
So our guild is most likely just having bad RNG, but I wanted to make sure you guys haven’t noticed anything similar?


I’ve seen few verse gnomes, but that’s normal for me.

If they are indeed trying to cut down on how many vault battles we get to do (assumption based on the vault events not getting scheduled as usual), then it would make sense to cut down on verse gnomes to help with that :frowning:


(Little above 11k games)


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Not just you. I have had two verse gnomes, outside of vault weekends, in the last four months. I have found cursed gnomes more than that.

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Guess when I’ve been getting a bunch of these gnomes, yup you’ve guessed it, since the week that we were supposed to have that vault event, and I’m still getting them, all except for the blue verse by that hotpants gnome :joy:

When someone from my guild said that crafted Diamantina, I decided to farm dragonite gnome with GAPs. I had enough to craft 33 GAPs and didn’t used 20 to get about 500 dragonite I was missing for Diamantina. Right now I can craft 32 GAPs so almost got back what I’ve used.

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0 since the introduction of dragonite gnomes. Offers for ones i don’t need, but not one verse gnome battlecrasher.

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I have gotten 1 verse gnome, ONE!!! No cursed gnomes and no dragonite gnomes since the last GAP event… dont know what the hell is up, i do many explores daily…

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I get about 1 to 2 verse gnomes a week…

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I know this is about the verse gnomes but guess who else has been visiting a lot now, yup, that’s right, the dragonite gnome and the curse gnome. They must miss me or something because we’re seeing each other a lot. We’re just having a good time while having some drinks (devs, don’t you dare touch a thing :angry::sweat_smile:). They’ve come over at least twice this month :joy: