Gnomes Are Nonexistent On A Gnome Event

Devs are still pissed at their rollout of GaPs & the 1st days of play. Solution: Reduce rewards, only give rewards that are meaningless & produce More Gnomes that dont show up or do as they were attended to. THEN host a Gnome Event on Christmas Eve & not activate the Gnomes. Let’s piss off our players on the Holidays to get back at them. Petty, petty little minds.

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Gotta say must be bad luck on your end been quite lucrative for me with gnomes so far


I’m having no issues…


I am finding terrible gnome rate. 300 battles, 1 cursed, 4 verses, 4 other. It was like this on xbox last event also.

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It is RNG you can get good luck bad luck or average luck but the more battles you do the more you will head towards the average. The rate isn’t super high but it isn’t as terrible as it could have been. For the first vault event I was having terrible luck getting gnomes this time around I am doing much better. Outside of GAP runs it is best to do fast battles spammed repeatedly to get as many chances as possible. If using GAP during vault week aim for lower explore modes to get more keys if you are farming cursed gnomes with GAP outside of vault event then probably aim for higher difficulty 12 fast battles to try and instead maximize drops so when you get the gnomes you get more like 14 cursed runes per gnome.

I have a lingering feeling that I’m on the low end of RNG this weekend, at least on Gnome encounter rate. I’m not recording hard data, so I can’t speak to more than “confirmation bias” on this particular subject.

The one day I did take some data? On Friday, I encountered 14 gnomes. (Didn’t track battle count, however.) 4 of them Pet Gnomes, the other 10 were all from the Band.

I do know I’m finding a ton of Verse Gnomes this weekend, far more than should be normal. I’m still chalking that up to RNGeezus, however, and his particular desire to keep me miserable. As opposed to active malfeasance by some other party.

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