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Are Gnomes gone?

I havent gotten any all my matches.

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I’ve seen two today. They should be back to about 1 in 30.


They’re still about just not as common anymore as the event is over.

I got two in a row which completely broke the rng so in return they both have me 100 souls to balance things out.


Ive leveled to pvp lvl 1…and have done enough explores to alreadt be 1500 seals…not a single gnome

ive seen none on Monday and Tuesday but about 5 today.

Fought at least 2 yesterday, 3 today.

Fought 2 yesterday, one in pvp gave 50K gold and one in explore gave 30K gold.

So I look at it now as, if you see one you see one, but they are rare, very rare, just go about playing where you want to play or are needed to play in the game and not spend time looking for gnomes.

Arcane farming last night I saw about 4 gnomes over enough matches to get me from ~50 snotgems to ~400. This morning I played about 30 matches and saw 1.

They’re still out there, but I think someone’s spitball assessment of a 1:100 rate feels about right. I’m having very good luck, and seeing other peoples’ stories backs that up.