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Was gnome spawn nerfed? Barely getting anything in explore

Might be my awful RNG, but thought to hear with others?

Honestly, seeing much more that I usually do, especially in PvP.

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Will try PvP later today.

Not sure if this is true, but I’ve heard some players switch kingdoms after a few runs with no gnomes and/or after a run where a gnome is found and that seems to help a bit.

I think they were. I did casual pvp all day yesterday. Around 10 hours and I’m only just about to get my 3rd pity key. Switched to explore and did several rounds getting zero gnomes.

I’m getting plenty in explore.

Are you on PC/Mobile too?

Plenty? That sounds like a different game then. Poor Eika.

Keeping in mind I have never tracked the gnome rate, it seems they are more common in pvp. I tried a couple gnome weekends doing pvp and never got a pet gnome, and yet have gotten several already this weekend. My guild has a pet rescue running frequently, more so than usual.

But, RNG is going to RNG.

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Thanks for the observation.

Xbox. 10 char

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I see. I am off doing some PvP now. Gave up with explore, even higher levels seems like have gotten a half a nerf. I will be carefully with stating something here, as it might be our bad luck, but Ive gotten double as more spawn than this time around in a gnome event playing Explore.

Update: Doing casual PvP now. The gnome drop rate is about halved for me, they just rarly appear. I can only judge by two days tho. I get like one Gnome per 30 battles now, compared to one per 15 battles before.

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I tracked my gnomes today. I am averaging one gnome per 8 PvP battles. 30 is brutal.

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Are you playing ranked PvP?

I’ll post my data (as usual) on Vault Weekend data collection thread when I wrap up, BUT - it seems like this weekend has lower gnome rates than the previous ones. Might be just random, of course, but you never know for sure.


Been using the 3x ironhawk this weekend, spend my usual time on the game and I got 50 ish more gnomes then usual they are out there!

Thanks for doing that.

Mostly doing easy rank. Aren’t the drop rates the same for casual and rank? Or have the devs never confirmed that?

I have no clue.