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Was gnome spawn nerfed? Barely getting anything in explore

Wow, I have been in the 20-25 fight range myself all weekend. I mostly have done Explore. I’ve tried switching kingdoms throughout, but nothing has helped. Casual PVP hasn’t been any better

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Any data now plz, greatly welcome.

After logging in today I completed my Kill 100 Troops Adventure Board task before I saw my first Gnome. I was doing Explore. I did get a gnome on the very next fight

I have roughly the same amount of battles done this vault weekend as the last, yet find myself about 130 gnomes short of the amount I found last event. I could chalk up 30-40 to bad rng, but 130 feels like something was slightly changed. Perhaps they altered the appearance rate based on speed of play of the 3x ironhawk setup, while neglecting the players who don’t have that setup? Perhaps it really is just extremely bad rng? Can’t say for sure, but it does feel slightly nerfed to me

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Oh, that is a huge variation. :open_mouth:

This might be the thing.

I’m at 2/35 on the counter. But I haven’t played very much this weekend.

Today in PvP, mostly ranked, I averaged 1 gnome per 11 fights. Combining yesterday and today the average was 1 gnome in 9 fights.

I am ignoring fights I ran away from. I think the game doesn’t count those and forces the next fight to not be a gnome, but maybe thats rumor? If I do include those, I averaged out at 1 gnome per 10 fights.

Looking at the big thread on vault data collection, my average is about typical of gnome weekends.

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