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[NOT A BUG] Were the heck are the treasure gnomes?

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Have done about 100 or so PvP fights today Thursday 14th January but no gnomes in sight. And I mean not one.
On Wednesday I did see a few gnomes and even 3 pet gnomes which as we all know are worthless on Wednesday :unamused:
Now I always thought it was somewhat luck based but the things I’ve seen happen lately make me think there is clearly something else going on. This has nothing to do with luck anymore but in my eyes it’s been programmed that way and who programs the game???
I don’t have anything against a game that is “somewhat” biased but this is really getting to crazy for words. Because of things like this I’ve seen many long time players leave the game lately which I really regret, after all I know many of them for quite some time and it’s those players who gave you dev’s the chance and means to make the game to what it is but the way it is going lately many of us feel like we are not appreciated and sometimes it feels as if you want to get rid of the “old timers”
Also dev’s, as a player of the first hour I start to wonder if you guys are trying to get rid of the first hour players???
So … Please go back to the roots an make this game honest again. :pray: Thank you

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You’re just unlucky.
I’ve got few gnomes in explore yesterday. Also probably got 1 or two in PVP. (haven’t done much)

Everything is ok.

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Considering that gnome rates are about 3% out of gnome weekend, that’s a lucky/unlucky streak. And before it’s brought up that 3% means you should have seen 3 gnomes in 100 fights, that’s not how it works.

yeep, it’s rather ~30 gnomes/1000 or 60/2000 fights