Get treasure gnomes insteat of pet gnomes since today


Why i get only Treasure gnomes in PVP (rated and unrated) and no pet gnomes anmore?
According patch notes pet gnomes should appear in PVP events and after patch i have seen only pet gnomes and no treasure gnomes in pvp anymore until today Bug or planned feature?


Yeah, realtalk, they feel too rare. I think I’ve seen six Treasure Gnomes today and I can’t remember the last time I saw a Pet Gnome, maybe 2 weeks ago?

I think the problem is they’re trying to balance it with the upper end in mind: “30 people in a clan are speed-PvPing in order to farm pets”. That makes life absolutely miserable for the 99% of the game that isn’t in that situation.


We haven’t made any changes to Pet Gnome rates since 3.4 went live


Haven’t seen either yet this week, so nothing changed guys.


our guild had a pet event running for about 5 hours straight today, felt like too many pets… I was thinking they had increased the rate compared to the last couple weeks