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(Not a bug) No gnomes spawning

Ive been playing since the event started and as yet had no gnomes spawning at all. My guild mates are all finding load of gnomes but i haven’t found one in over 7 hours of play? How is that possible. I’ve played pvp. Explore kingdom quests. Pet resque and no match has brought up any gnomes…is anyone else experiencing this bug?

Not sure what’s going on in your case but over here they are spawning (sort of) normally:
The number under the pictures is the amount of battles until a gnome appear.

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I got plenty today, even a vault one.

I fought a Soul Gnome for the first time today.

That should tell you a lot about the rate at which they appear, even during Gnome events.

We have this thread every Gnome event. A very small number multiplied by even a large number is still a very small number. If they appear in 1/256 battles normally (0.3%), and the Gnome event multiplies it by 10, that is still ~1/25 (3%) and you will have to fight in 40-50 battles before it is statistically likely you will see one.

Ive played over 200 matches today and no. I havent spent more time on the board than playing

Found my very first glory gnome in battle today. Maybe bad luck thus far for you.

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This happened to me last time around with the first couple of days seeing just 2 gnomes after hundreds of fights in PvP and Explore. And then I played the last hour before reset and something odd happened - I was seeing gnomes at most every 5 fights with lots of back-to-back appearances and even one streak of 3 in a row.

It makes me wonder if the chance of a gnome appearing is not necessarily determined as a set percentage per fight, but rather that gnomes are scheduled to appear at a set rate, e.g. 1 gnome every 5 seconds and that whatever fight happened to start next would get a gnome. This would be reflected in fewer gnomes per player when lots of people are playing and more gnomes per player with a lower population. Complicated yes, but gives the developers more control of how many enter gameplay and could easily be adjusted on the fly.

I fought my 1st glory gnome today lol

Hey @Deathwalkza Gnome drop-rates are very low, it’s likely you might not see one very often. I can see you started playing recently so there’s still many more chances to get a gnome. Best of luck. :slight_smile: