[Not a bug] Gnomes not appearing

Hello Everyone, hope I am not the only one experiencing this!

I am On PC with Win11

Since the event started, I played for about 4 hours and did 2 gnome a paloozas in the meanwhile, and I encountered several gnomes but ONLY 5 Verse gnomes, that’s strange since we are in a Vault event.

Also after the 4 hour session, I played 1 more hour in explore battles and NOT A SINGLE Gnome appeared in the battle, I have ran some autoplays before and in between this 1 hour session if it helps.

Maybe battlecrashers appearance created a conflict with gnome drop rate?

Thank you, waiting for your reply!

They started to reappear (every kind of them), altough even fewer than previous vault events, but anyway that whole hour without encountering a single gnome deserves to be investigated properly I’d suggest.

Similar experience here. My outcome from about 100 explore fights plus 3 arena runs:
8 verse gnomes (twice in successive fights, 1 escaped)
1 regular gnome
1 gem gnome

Looks very unusual to me.

They’re nonexistent on playstation too.

This is the usual bug that happens when they run a battle crasher event alongside the vault event. I’ve only gotten one gnome spawn and no battle crashers at all today. I also imagine I won’t get all ten battle crashers today and I probably won’t find any gnomes unless I use a Gnomeapalooza.

What about it looks unusual?
The rate of Gnome appearance is 9% during a vault weekend.
You’ve had 10 Gnomes out of you say 118 battles.
That doesn’t look wildy out of the realms of possibility to me. What rates were you expecting?

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Yeah probably this is the reason, I remember the last vault event and got no “Gnomes drop stops” at all.

Hmm, if something fishy is going on, it surely is not a global problem.
Looks like okay gnome event for me so far, similar to all other gnome events in the past and I have also never experienced battle crashers to have any adverse effect on gnomes, contrary to what other players tend to claim.


verse 4 and cursed gnomes died on switch. I haven’t seen one for 4 months straight now.

Just logged back on gems, 26 battles before i saw my first gnome. Sadly, this has been normal for me all effing weekend. Also out of the random gnomes ive been able to find, only 1 dropped a vault key. If it werent for paloozas, the vault event would be as skippable as arena. For those that will say this vault event has been as good for them as all the others,… good for you, super happy for ya.

Switched kingdoms, 24 battles before the next gnome.

Aditionally to the missing gnomes, which is correct (verified in our guild), while pet events, no keys delivered during the paloozas.

We test this several times. You get a pet event, for sample in PvP, and the next hour you will unable to get gnomes in exploring or keys in paloozas in a normal way. It looks like the vault event is deactivated or not exists.

31 battles before 1st gnome., terrific event! Cant wait till the next one. Hell, i find more gnomes when there isnt a vault event.

Here we go…standard nothing is wrong b.s. after a year of GaP events averaging 5-6 goals per event it’s dropped to barely 2… Yeah nothing wrong here at all…or maybe next time don’t drop gnome event during battle crasher as your gnome drop rate chart is meaningless when a crasher pops in…it’s not gonna lao then drop a gnome and that’s a problem. Thanks again for a busted game and maybe don’t come for me personally in my email because you dislike what I had to say. If you have time for snarky replies to me you could fix the game right?

Erm… what on Earth are you talking about?

What emails?

What am I supposed to fix?

Chill out dude, its just a game.

If battlecrashers affect Gnome rates, please show your data as Dust_Angel kindly did, and does so every vault event. Because it shows the opposite of your feelings I’m afraid.

Tarana is just confused.

She signed up to receive forum posts via mail and now thinks people are personally mailing her in an official capacity.



One of your peers specifically sought me out through email to harass me because apparently I dared to call him out on a bug when he said they didn’t know what I was talking about…after a different of your peers all but confirmed the bug he swore up and down didn’t exist…but I digress…my apologies if you took this as a statement about you…it wasn’t…your just the person who’s text I hit reply on… Again no disrespect to you personally.

And btw…I don’t care about drop rates charts…answer this…if a battle crasher pops can a gnome also pop? What does a drop rate mattter if the two conflict…which is what my reply was about…the decision to have both events at once. If the answer is no it won’t drop a gnome if a crasher drops then you simply prove my initial point that gnome.event and battle crasher don’t mix

Just FYI @Cairnso is not a dev/mod and has no relation whatsoever to Infinity Plus 2 :sweat_smile:

lol this is hilarious.

But I’ll answer the rambles:

No Battlecrashers don’t appear if a Gnome will appear in that fight.

NOTE: Battlecrashers will not appear in Guild Wars battles or in battles where a Valraven or a Gnome has already appeared.

Game checks if a Gnome will spawn → If Yes Gnome, Then No battle crasher
Game checks if a Gnome will spawn → If No Gnome, Then roll for battle crasher