[Not a bug] Where are the Cursed Gnomes?

iOS, Gems of War version 6.1

I’ve been playing the new release since it was made available (so 2-3 days) and have yet to see a Cursed Gnome. This includes multiple games of PvP and Explore and 3 rounds of Gnome-a-Palooza. I have no idea what’s going on. Other battle crashers are appearing with reasonable regularity, including King Heliodor and Verse Gnomes.

I read that the RNG for Cursed Gnomes was being increased, so I should have seen at least ONE by now.


Same here…


How many different Gnome varieties are there now? Even with the boosting of Cursed Gnome rates – and we don’t have anything saying just how much that is – even with the increased Gnome appearance rates from the Vault event, I suspect it’s still a very long-odds bet for any one particular gnome to appear.

This may not be a bug. This just may be RNG not favoring you, especially for something that wasn’t going to be particularly common in the first place.

There should have not made it so damn rare. They also need to fix their stupid servers while they have a player base to speak of. They make things as painful as possible then make it worse with shit servers.


These vault keys are on purpose. I have 4 vault keys from curse gnomes now. 2 today and both are vault keys. Stupid

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Yep, there are 13 Gnomes, but it’s only the Cursed and the Verse Gnomes that drop something unique - that you can’t get somewhere else in the game, and it’s only the Cursed Gnome that drops something you have to have for crafting.

You’re right that it may not be a bug, just a precursor to another pay to play, since I assume they’re going to charge for these at some point in the future whether directly or by using gems.


They NERFed the whole damb thing, dont fool yourselves… nothing but gimmicks & taking away from the players


" Where are the Cursed Gnomes?"

They are celebrating 6.1 update. The chance of meeting them at the celebration party is increased for 7 days. They are not in the game.


We should post many request trough zendesk until they must respond to this beacuse spending many hours in explore pvp etc and finding only 4 gnomes for me is ridiculous

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Unfortunately, the support people are also at the 6.1 Update celebration party along with Cursed Gnomes. And the chance of getting any answer from them is decreased for 7 days.

However, the chance of them dropping on the floor is increased.


I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been a flash offer for Cursed Gnome bait already.


And it’s Weird since update was realse in middle night for me

For a matter of interest - made 1000 battles, got 1 cursed gnome!
I’m fckn celebrating tonight!!!
Everybody is welcome to join.


It’s now Saturday evening and I have had just one Cursed Gnome show since it was introduced to the game, lots of King Heliodor, though (which I don’t need)…

What are Cursed Gnomes?


a gnome with cursed appearance rate :japanese_ogre:


The rarity seems to have gone back to what is was. It’s too rare!!

I found one!

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Its so blatantly obvious what the agenda for this new currency was - make the new currency so rare that people clear out their supply of gems when they realise it would take several years to collect enough to level the soulforge to 20 and craft all the items within without using gems.

This is exactly what they did with deeds which are now available in the daily offers for a large volume of gems. Its just a tactic to get you to spend more money replenishing your gems

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The argument to that is that if u had farmed a fair amount during the vault event from GaPs u had stockpiled u don’t have the option to use gems, I figured “boosted rate” I’ll just grind it out. So not I’m stuck my a level 19 SF and almost no Runes, had I known these rates would be so low I would have at least liked to save 100 Runes I spent on the forge and would have used gems without a second thought. But now what’s the point to spend 1000 gems for this last level when it’s still going to take me ages for the mythic anyway… now I’ve just accepted its gonna take a while and I’ll get it when I get it, they aren’t getting a gem dump out of me on this pretty bad mythic haha