Battle Crashers DO NOT alter the drop rate of gnomes... Still stay woke though! 😀



I’m woke, like I’ve got a newborn.


Do gnomes not roll first? I thought I saw a statement to that effect, somewhere.

“It says that”… But there’s no way gnomes still drop in 1:30 matches during battle crasher events.

Well, I was finishing some Seals last night. I did 135 battles, in PvP, and got (at least):

3 Pet Gnomes
1 Treasure Gnome
1 Soul Gnome

Seems pretty on point to me. Granted, I know that’s a pretty small “sample”. But, you gotta remember, Unity is super streaky. There’s times I’ve gone 65 battles without seeing a Gnome, but then I get one back to back. Or, I get 3 Gnomes in 5 battles, then won’t see one for the next 50. It’s probably balances out, in the end, but I understand how those “dry periods” can be frustrating

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Gnomes will be missed this week. :disappointed_relieved:
(Insert picture of this week’s Battle Crasher Nerf)

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Perhaps the devs thought they were in dire need of a nerf this week.

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Hey are you excited about the Vault weekend?!?!!

(Drop rate goes from 1:15 to 1:30 again)

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I don’t know, that perfectly sums up our love-hate relationship with the devs.

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Well, battlecrasher only show in pvp so wont affect me in any way when hunting gnomes :stuck_out_tongue:

Inb4 every vault week-end from now on will have a battlecrasher.
To explore we goooo

Gotta love indirect gnome nerf :laughing:

Well, battlecrashers or not got 0 sense look for gnomes in pvp, now most of matches are backup, child of the sky, golems, spiders, endless summon from jar (happened to me too to summon 2 in a turn with it, AI ofc did better refilling the whole party).

Scouting/avoiding teams just make you lose time.

Only reason to do pvp right now is golds if you’re really desperate about it.

While for explore i got 3 teams:

Brown doom, troglodite, gimlet, princess elspeth.
Blue doom, penguin, scurwydog, princess elspeth.
Red doom, ogryn, taipan, princess elspeth.

Class dont mtter really, w/e i am lvling, 95% of matches end on first turn in 3 moves, if “goes bad” will end on second turn (not much survive the 40 damage to all of cast, then there’s the extras and ofc the skulls).

So not only x gnomes but also class xp explo is way faster than pvp.

Sunbird fire bomb explore team would make explore go faster

I completely agree man I usually play explore too for gnomes but you know, there are also a lot of people who don’t like it because is super boring, so they like pvp more. Also pvp gives ingots and trophies which are important if your guild cares about them.
But yeah, just another “random stealth” nerf that nobody asked. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing.

Defo not, i was using this ages ago and even happened tht after exploding both bombs bird wasnt full lol, also, unless you’re lucky and get a cascade with 4match you pass turn to ai that, even if not dangerous, will more likely waste time on multiple extra turns.

Oh, forgot to add that sunbird also do lot less damage than a doomweapon, there’s lot more that will survive the cast (pretty much all legs and up wont die with 1 sunbird cast).

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My explore team is Forest Guardian, Sunbird, Fire Bomb, Imperial Jewel. Half-mana start due to FG third trait. I don’t have any doomed weapons so this explore team works for me.

well then ofc yes, as i said i used that or even others too before (like hero with MC, x2 bombots and elspeth).

But dooms are really too good, oh, before i forgot about my most hated troop x explore, Undine with his lame immunity to “damage all”, dooms take care of him too with the skulls.

Ps: to be fair i avoided to talk about the 1/1000 chance that can still happen, happened once to me x now, after you cast doom a enemy survive the damage/extras, skulls dont even make a 3 match then the ai clear the whole board from skulls and kill your hero haha :3, ok easily avoidable by looking at what you’re doing but we’re talking about mindless spamming after all hehe.

To clarify - Battlecrashers do not affect the spawn rate of Gnomes. If a Gnome would spawn, a Battlecrasher will not take its place.


I’m sure that’s how it’s intended. I’m planning on trying to get physical proof to show otherwise this weekend. I hope I’m wrong. But right now I do realize I have confirmation bias. Gnomes seem to be less apparent during battle crasher events. I just don’t have any proof of it yet.
The drop rate for gnomes should still be 1:15 during Vault weekends. I understand it can be streaky and go 60 matches without seeing 1 just to get 4 in a row right after. But between Friday-Sunday it should be about 1:15… So 1:20 or lower drop rate would indicate that the battle crasher and gnomes aren’t working as intended. Right?