No Other Crashers During Vault Event?

I played during last month’s Vault Event, and this is what I’m seeing during this month’s - at 6-1/2 hours into event, I’ve had the Imp of Love crash around 75% of the time, regular gnomes around 20%, and Mana Surge gnomes the other 5%. During last month’s event, I had just about a 50-50 chance on the crashers of regular gnomes and Mana Surge gnomes.

Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this disparity? If so, I’d like to suggest the Vault Event be set when no other special crasher is scheduled. I know a good number of players who really enjoy GoW but aren’t able to do the real money sink. We all look forward to the Vault Event to help with all currencies. Please, Devs, consider spacing non-vault crashers and the Vault Event so they don’t overlap.

Thanks so much!


I have had the same. I usually encounter 10 imps before I see a gnome. This imp totally ruined the vault event. Based on the pattern they appear, imp and gnome are mutually exclusive and imp must have a higher appearance rate. What a bad design.

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Everytime people are complaining when theres crashers during a vault weekend.
Gnomes are still appearing at a 1/12ish rate, if both would appear in the same battle you get the gnome.

Imps are just bonus souls and don’t decrease the amount of gnomes


Also known as confirmation bias.
Streaks of bad RNG luck happens no matter what, people just try to find something to blame it on.

Would be interesting to see how people would react if you could get both a crasher & a gnome in the same fight, just to show them they are not linked together.


After 400 battles I have not seen one. Please show proof

Don’t have one handy right now, but I’ve had 4 verse gnomes in the last hour, and I’m not even playing aggressively.

Here’s one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next fight after:

2 fights later:

(in before photoshopping accusations or something equally stupid)

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Maybe I wasn’t clear. You said imp and gnome could appear in the same game like you were stating a fact. I was asking you to show a game where they appear together.

Re Read his post, that is NOT what he said was it???


Let me emphasize here because you clearly misunderstood and/or can’t read:


I never said they can appear together.

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He said IF they could appear together which they can’t because as @Corpos stated if you roll a success for a gnome encounter you wont get a random battlecrasher in the same battle the gnome takes priority.

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I appreciate the input, no matter how negative. I’ve been a gamer for a very long time. I know how RNGesus can affect any game; however, what others and I were experiencing at 1 am our time wan’t rng. Admittedly, I came back to GoW five months ago after a lengthy hiatus, and last month’s Vault Event was the first I’d ever played. That doesn’t diminish the fact, as in bygone days, I played every day almost without exception and have a pretty good idea how often regular gnomes appear as crashers. I didn’t bemoan the fact I’d not seen a cursed gnome since last event. They’re exceptionally rare. I wasn’t bemoaning the imp’s appearance because - as I stated - any and all currency is welcome.

Since the time I first posted and about three hours ago, I saw both the regular gnomes and the members of Mana Surge skyrocket. Right before I logged off to take a break and when I started to see an increase in gnomes, I kept track of their appearance. Out of 24 exploration battles (the first four, not the mini boss or big boss), I had five where nothing crashed, ten where regular gnomes crashed, eight with Mana Surge members, and two with imps. Now, I want to believe the Devs were watching the progress of the game (I’m all rosy-colored glasses optimistic that way) and realized there just might be a problem, then went about fixing it. I could also believe that RNGesus took pity on me and threw all the gnomes I’d missed out on in the wee hours of the morning into those last 24 battles. I really don’t care tbh. I’m just glad we’re seeing the increase, even if it gets pared back a little. I’m about to log in and see how the devs have evened things out.

Happy hunting! :heart_eyes: