Imps, imps everywhere

As the title says, this vault weekend should be named Imp weekend.


Pfff… Everytime people are complaining when theres crashers during a vault weekend.
Gnomes are still appearing at a 1/12ish rate, if both would appear in the same battle you get the gnome.

Imps are just bonus souls and don’t decrease the amount of gnomes

u lying on purpose or just not knowing any better?
asking for a friend. :wink:

I’m pretty sure a dev confirmed a while ago that battlecrashers happen in addition to gnome spawns, not in place of.


Thanks for the info. Maybe the imp’s appearance is just too high.

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The only imps about are the game owners themselves - every imp reflects back as a reminder of their attitude to their player base

can confirm that: 105 gnomes now in 1,079 battles

Should be called soul weekend. Not many vault keys but plenty of souls if anyone need them. Most of the GAP rewards are souls. Vault keys are few and far between. I guess everything else has been Nerfed so that was only thing left.

I’ve gained 613 vault keys and 80 epic vault keys so far in about 12 hours of playtime. I don’t see the issue

12-13 VK/GaP and 1-2 EVK/GaP. Seems right. Maybe even a little low? How many gnomes do you kill pr. GaP?

Those 12 hours wasnt only GaPs. I did around 30 gaps only.
Timed 272 gnome kills in 1 gap earlier

Earlier as in previous event, or earlier as in this event? If this event, I’m impressed. With the current game speed and spinning gems, those numbers are impossible for me. In earlier Vault Events, I could reach 272 on a good run; used to average around 260/GaP. This weekend, no way near.

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yep, i was right about ragequitting this fucking game, devs ruined this vault weekend with the server lags and double request loading issues.
before i spit out many insults here to the devs i better use my time to write some more bad reviews on different platforms, how they ruined this game in the last years and what betrayers they are.
**** you devs!!!
sorry, i’m totally upset right now


That is impressive at 13 sec per game and you have to take into account of the loading time and ending screen. Even with 3x ironhawk you have gnomes with over 21 life armor total. How do you do it?

Even with 3x ironhawk you have gnomes with over 21 life armor total.

3 Ironhawks is not what I’d run. Too many leftovers ruining your efficiency.

1 Dust Devil
3 Ironhawks

5 + (3 * 5) = 20 damage

1 Sister Superior or 1 Greed (Greed will slow you down due to gem explosion)
1 Dust Devil
2 Ironhawks

0 + (2 * 5) + 5 + (2 * 5) = 25 damage

272 gnome kills in 1 gap

272 / 4 / 15 = 4.53 battles per minute is definitely on the high end of things, but not impossible.

A couple vault events back I was tracking my own GaP stats and ended up with 4.13, 4.81 and 4.35 battles per minutes respectively.

(Keyboard & mouse. Gamepad would likely improve rates)

I hate the imp. It ruined my game play. I used to farm verses faster. Verses are better than souls. So I am rolling my eyes :roll_eyes: this vault event.

Another delaying tactic on vault weekend aside from slow servers.

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I actually never thought of the Greed-gem-explosion as time consuming - maybe I should replace him with Sister, see if that can improve things a little. I use to run Greed/DD/2*Ironhawk to max the gold in the process.


Did the 272 about 12 hours ago. Server was fine for me then. It’s a bit worse now.

I use greed and dd and 2 ironhawks. Bonus gold is nice.

Dont forget to unequip anu medal to. They slow it down a lil too