Where is the gnomes?

Its supposed to be a gnome event, where in the world is these little bastards? My mouse will soon hit my 20k television out of anger.


I feel like there’s another support group coming… but I know the pain from last gnome weekend, ending up with 5 gnomes in 4 hours, whereas my sister scored 138 gnomes that weekend.
Now there has been 50+ gnomes so far, it’s decent in 7 hours.

Just did 100 explore level 6 matches, none gnomes, went over to casual matches, 1 gnome in 50 matches. That is 1 gnome in 150 matches totally. This is NUTS. Gonna have a break now and see if things changes. I believe I totally found 7 or 8 gnomes totally in 3 hours constant playing today. This is not a gnome event, but torture event.

I had a gnomeless streak last event, but things evened out as I played further. So far this event I am pretty much right on one gnome for every ten battles, and have been almost from the start. I know that the plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data”, but the system isn’t messed up for everyone.

I had 1 hour with 0 gnomes, must have been a lunch break or something. I play explores on lvl 1. Only advice I can give you is to spare the mouse, throw a rock…

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which mode are you mainly playing? I can try something else than explores, casual PvP.

Switching between Explore 1 and Explore 12. I do 1’s until I get 87 mythstones, then do 3 12’s to get good boss chests.

1 hour with level 1 explore without finding a gnome? That is like 180 matches? Jesus come save us!

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I will try later today or tomorrow, kinda red all over my face of anger right now, so best is to not continue.


This is a game, not a job. It’s okay—encouraged, even!—to put it down and do something else if it stops being fun.


I know, i even restarted the game once during that hour just in case :laughing:


The missing troops is triggering me a lot I think.

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I may not spend another Vault key until I am sure all the tarot cards are in the drop pool. I do not want to burn god-knows-how-many keys to get a full set, and then have another one come out with even worse odds.

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Keep me updated please if u hear someone is getting any, the % is so low that one might need 500-1000 VK on hand to pull one. I have yet to get a single one. Its a part of the frustration I think, but the drop rate for gnomes is really poor which is totally filling the glass for me, its a gnome event, not go hit your head in the wall event.


Just the beginning, might be unlucky streak but so far the rate is - at best - half of what I normally see on a gnome weekend.
Currently 200 cPvP games in a row without a pet gnome (when previously longest fruitless streak was about 95)…I can’t say I’m pleased.


10 gnomes in 360 matches… :thinking:

Sorry about your bad RNG, try 3x Ironhawk explore 1.
I do around 20 gnomes an hour

Sounds too good to be true. I just had a session with 100 level 6 explores without any gnomes. I dont do lower explores cuz I have a feeling they nerfed it to death for gnome drops in gnome events.

So far: 150 battles (explore 7), 26 Gnomes, 2 Vault Keys, 1 Epic Vault Key.

Best start I’ve ever had! RNG is obviously as streaky as ever.

Are you playing on PC/Mobile? At least it might give me the baby toe of hope.