Cursed Gnomes

Hello Adventurers,

Firstly, we are making an update to the rewards given by Cursed Gnomes. Currently, the rewards given are Cursed Runes or a Vault Key. The Vault Key will be removed from the Cursed Gnomes Rewards and it will only drop Cursed Runes going forward.

Secondly, to celebrate the holidays we will be increasing the chance of Cursed Gnomes appearing. This will run for the next 2 weeks.


Thanks for the first point - huge improvement.

For the second, can you clarify when the boosted rate will start and end?


So can you give us some idea how rare the Cursed Gnomes will be at the increased rate?

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Yeh but what’s the increased chance? I’m going hundreds of battles without seeing one currently and it is so disheartening.

When making the decision to lock a big chunk of soulforge behind this incredibly rare resource you must have known it was going to annoy the community.

Oh and also when is the increased drop rate starting?


Maybe it will start for Gnome weekend perhaps

Per mail, increased by 50%.

0 * 1.5 = ???

Maybe it’ll stack with the vault event and be decent. I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve done 1000 battles. A buff is a buff, so thank you.


Thanks: what’s the expected drop rate? Because the last similar celebration(s) have been anything but, and frustrating people over the holidays would be something to further remember IP2 by…

Also: does the boost apply to GaP? Because cursed gnomes are hard to come by during GaP, which seems uncalled for considering the appallingly low number of runes dropped in fast battles.

Thanks in advance for (hopefully) not dodging the Drop Rate question like other mods have in the past.
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Okay but that’s what was said last week and its barely budged. What’s that quote again?

Ten percent of nothing is, let me do the math here, nothing into nothing, carry the nothin’…


Is the formula the same?

0 * 50% chance?


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Thank you for the increase, but as long as cursed runes (and hence access to every highly desirable new soulforge recipe) continue to be tied to something as rare and unreliable as a gnome’s appearance rate this may continue to be a source of frustration.

Have you considered adding an alternative (non-monetised) option? Something that can’t be farmed, like adding a small amount to the loot table of chests at the end of delves?


I’m skeptical that a 50% boost on the apparently infinitesimal base rate is going to be any more noticeable in gameplay than the unspecified boost on the 7 days just ended.

But hey, maybe if it stacks with the Vault weekend’s boost? We can but hope.

Have anyone noticed any differences yet?

200 battles - 0 CG so far

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1st try,only 100 battles,0 for anything !!!

0 treasure
0 soul
0 mecha
0 jewel
0 glory
0 cursed
0 verses


on “secondly”:
do you actually believe your own words?

it started out with a really bad droprate which is documented by many users. that was intentional, I completely understand why (-> to drain some impatient people out of gems, which worked like a charm) and I don’t even have a problem with “that”. after experiencing the overwhelmingly bad droprate myself I thought about what will benefit me more: drop gems or try and collect enough cursed runses to save the gems for upgrading the soulforge. due to not having the option of using gems if you have enough cursed runes my decision ended in spending the gems, because of the cost of all additional essential items that need crafting eventually (troop, weapons, pet x31). Still, no real problem with all of that for me…

but then there was an empty promise (or a fully calculated lie ?) of increased encounter chance over the duration of last week paired with no response of the devs.
and now we got another (possibly empty) promise over “the hoe hoe hoelidays”, because the first accumulated data shows exactly that to be the case. again.

you’re just scoundrels.


Over 300 games no cursed gnomes for me , getting fed up with this nonsense . Increased from what exactly as Zero seems to your bottom line


Perhaps the developers are trying to lead the players to the game in the dwarf event at the 12th level of the expedition for 1 minute? To receive the full dwarf reward? Do not know…

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Sorry Mr dev. But 50% increase of 0 is still zero. Or if somehow the regular rate was .5 percent chance. Now we have .75 percent chance. Still quite horrible. As many have said. You are going to lose a big chunk of your player base due to thinking $$$. Not just a matter of how very long it is going to take just to get the soulforge complete. Then you have to have more to craft anything. This is where is masses see a major issue. Mats to craft are ridiculous. Very high. Stupid high. And now that I do some math. .5 percent was not close. It has been more like .1 percent. 1 out of 1000 battles. So increase means .15 percent. Hey only now 1 out of 750 or so. Excellent. Let me run out and do 750 battles a day for 1 gnome. Yikes. Wake up Mr Dev. Your rate needs a much bigger increase. And after 2 weeks. Then what. Back to near zero found each week. I dont think understand rule #1. Dont leave your customers frustrated and mad and wanting to bang head on wall after a gaming session They should be happy and enthusiastic and wanting to play again. What part of that do you not understand. You content is for long term use (crafts) but making the soulforge long term is very bad decision. Hopefully you listen. And by tomorrow’s gap. You do even better than some 50% increase of near zero. That is not helping. So far again today. Zero cursed gnomes found. Expect that all day. Where is that increase

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I’ve done approximately (very approximately) 400 battles today. Gnomes are far from lacking as I’ve kept a tally and had 15 gnomes today, inc. 2 verse gnomes. Out of all of these? Are you ready?

0 cursed gnomes. That’s zero.

I’m struggling to see how this idea was ever considered as sane. I mean, why introduce a new currency that appears to be virtually non-existent? I love this game but…and I hate to say it…this may well be the last nail in the coffin for quite a few once dedicated players.


from my side: 600 battles - 1 CG
working till 1000 battles

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