Cursed Gnomes

Have done approximately 3000 matches since friday ,have only seen 3 cursed gnomes…clearly these gnomes have not been increased,hope it improves as many of my team mates are frustrated with this update

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That’s been their design philosophy. Introduce resources needed for progression they retain full control over (deeds, books, warcoins) or make those resources only ostensibly farmable (Nysha, runes, tarot cards).

A carrot-on-a-stick stops being a motivator when it’s kept so far away from you that you have no hope of ever catching up with it.

They’ve been playing the ‘long-term monetary health’ game so hard, most content introductions have fewer game-like aspects to them than they do boring math. They’re trying to substitute ‘game’ for ‘Excel formula with a guaranteed return of investment’.

The thing that infuriates me most about runes is that for ages we’ve been asking for a way for newer players to catch up on forge scrolls. Not just another theoretical way of being able to obtain forge scrolls.

C A T C H U P.

This patch has effectively done the opposite of that. And we’ve had to wait 2 years for you guys to figure out how to make the game worse for newer and more casual players?

By 2026, all that’s left of GoW will be a single row of 3 symbols you spin around until you get 3 matching symbols. 50 gems per spin.


If it’s a very small appearance rate in the first place, an individual player is unlikely to notice any change. S/he simply doesn’t play enough individual games for that effect to bear out in his/her data; even if s/he went from 0 gnomes to 1 gnome over two similar (but discrete) sample sizes, that’s something that could very easily be “noise” or “RNG” and not because the rate increased.

The only way one could likely really tell the difference is if they had access to the developer’s data, the totality of everybody playing on all the servers, those thousands or perhaps millions of players. Because those would generate data sets large enough to be meaningful and to tease out the differences between “before” and “after”.

But I suspect we’re not going to gain access to that data. Even if we did, I’m pretty sure there are people here who would simply claim it’s bogus and not trust it and we’d be right back to square one.

There are what, 13 different gnomes right now that can appear in PvP or Explore? And outside of a vault weekend, you’re supposed to see a gnome roughly 1% of the time? So even if Cursed Gnomes are supposed to appear as often as their other brethren – something I doubt given how much more frequently one sees Treasure Gnomes and Pest Gnomes (in PvP, the latter thankfully not in Explore if you want to skip him) – that would still suggest a 1/1300 chance to find a Cursed Gnome in any individual battle. Which means probability theory suggests you should go really long periods of time without seeing one; 1/1300 is an average, not a mathematical certainty.


How about adding Cursed Runes as a possible reward for using Treasure Maps? It would make them actually worth using :slight_smile:


i’d rather offer to get 1 guarantee potato gnome for say 200 fights


Thanks for removing VK.

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Best moniker I’ll see all day :heart::joy::ok_hand:


Worth using, yes. But it wouldn’t make that game mode more fun. If they did add runes to treasure maps, they’d have to make the drop rate mirror that of other game modes. I have no problem with maps dropping runes, but I’d quit if maps were the only game mode reliably dropping runes.

NP we will all quit soon anyway if they carry on in the way they are now!

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Well done !

It is with this kind of announcement that we want to stop the game!
Continue to take us for idiots !!!

150 battles completed since this “upgrade” for me today:

1 Glory Gnome
1 Jewel Gnome
2 Treasure Gnomes
1 Soul Gnome

0 Cursed Gnomes


This looks good.

This leaves me with mixed feelings, I’m kind of reading this:

“To celebrate the holidays we will be increasing the chance of Santa Claus appearing through your chimney. This will run for the next two weeks.”

When exactly is it going to start/end? Is there any way for players to verify this actually got turned on? What is the standard/increased chance, for those wondering whether this really warrants wasting more farming effort?


I am not sure that +50% is enough to make a difference :frowning:.

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run No2
100 battles
2 gnomes
2 verses
and 2 cursed !!!

run No3
100 battles
5 gnomes
and 1 cursed !!!

300 battles-3 cursed


I feel like the in game mail is just going to anger non forum users. They’ll get it, decide to give curse rune farming another try, then realize it’s still pointless after hundreds of battles.

I’ve totally lost interest in this resource and update. It’s a shame that the new way to obtain forge scrolls that we’ve been waiting for basically doesn’t exist. I guess I’ll also have to lose interest in upgrading weapons, and in keeping kingdom power levels maxed by extension.


So, 1000 battles - 3 CG

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I’m not playing their stupid mind game anymore. Soulforge is still crap & nothing new was added AFAIC. Refuse to grind hundreds of battles for their joke of a “reward”.
I should send the dev team a bill for 180 bucks for the ten hours I wasted on their “boosted” gnomes.

50% of zero is still zero.

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Happy Early Vault-mas


Happy early vaultmas :christmas_tree::partying_face::confetti_ball::tada::christmas_tree: