Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Oof that sucks


How about the times when you leave the difficulty setting on warlord IV and go play in casual, only to find the meta team has over 400 starting health :rage:


1 battle away from finishing the faction event

But of course


Faction events need to be more than 24 hours.


Players against the Ultimate Doom at level 400.

Devs… Do you even try to find a fair balance between difficult and ludicrous? 🤦


I am on board this train. I am absolutely miserable in Tower of Doom and I’d give anything to go back a few floors, even if it means something like “only a 50% chance for a scroll”.

There is nothing fun about fighting against odds stacked that high. At least in Delve I have reason to believe “if only I paid billions in gold and treasures, I’d have stat boosts in the hundreds on my side.” That’s not feasible in ToD.

I spent 2 sigils this morning and was so mad I almost deleted the game.


We did plenty of boons thus far. And one skull match can still instantly take out all 4 of my troops (one match per troop) against level 400 troops.

Some may argue it’s just like the end of Raids. Except… You have more colors to choose from in Raids. You have at least one troop built to take out Zuul’Goth. And the defense your facing in raids isn’t built to counter 75% of your troop selection. Ultimate Doom is way more powerful than Zuul’Goth. Yet it has no counter. The Doom Weapon is a joke compared to level 400 troops that insta fill.


I already gave up on tower of doom and considering a level 100 faction hoard gives a good chunk of stats that help delves (To the point most people can deal with a 500 delve team) but here? No chance and sometimes you are forced to do legendary rooms for the unlock scroll which are not easy (No delves require a legendary room yet) so…


Empowered level 200 troops with true damage.


They (the player) were enraged by missing an agile troop multiple times in a row.


Oh gosh, in PvP I’ve faced that troop – Fizzbang and any Goblins together too, on the same team. Once any of those were ready to cast, I just put my controller down, folded my arms and let them go at it, watching them taking turns until they were finished. :roll_eyes:



Two things that might help:

If you haven’t changed the animation speed, go into settings - graphics, and set to 2x or 4x.

Go into the troops menu, search for Freeze, and pick a troop to use on your team against goblins.


Gob Chomper x 3, fully traited

Target the first Goblin enemy, the odds are very much in your favour for them being devoured and then get Mercy on a 4 Match to recharge.

You’d be very unlucky to lose unless the enemy gets cascades right from the 1st turn.


Taking a scorpius build into a high level delve and run into dwarves in the middle room.


When you go into a delve with a giant team with Black Manacles and, through the ENTIRE delve, you don’t get one devour off of 40 casts of black manacles. But, and bear with me, you get to a Graveyard room and are instakilled by the only Skull Dragon in the game that can extra turn 3 skull hit you. When has anyone actually gotten an extra turn on that skull creation? There’s a reason he gets a “Freeze on hit by skulls” trait because he’s supposed to be that bad.

Also, generally any delve/tower of doom room where you can actively see the AI that runs the game favoring itself over you, especially in getting 3 skulls in one turn to nuke your titan, barriered, 200 plus health hero class. Fuck this game.


** Deep Announcer Voice ** “Welcome to Gems of War: Spectator Edition!”

“Like, uh, yeah. I’m gonna grab a snack. Let me know when I can actually play the game.”


Thanks for the tip, @back!

I had the animation speed at 2x already, but I think I’ll increase it a bit more.

Thank you as well, @Rockwell

I’ll create a couple of new additional teams with what you’ve both suggested, and see how I do.


Haha, right? Pretty much my thoughts each time.


There’s a whole slew of bug/glitches/inconsistency issues I have with this game, bugs/glitches that have been incrementally getting worse over the last 8-10 weeks approx. However, the AI (randomly and conveniently) getting extra turns on 3 gem matches tends to be one of the more infuriating. Another being when mana (again, randomly and conveniently) is not allocated at all when matched, be it 3, 4 or 5 gems.


A huge amount of true damage and empowered and this is only floor 17 I think. I don’t want to see what floor 25+ is like

This is just dumb now. Floor 20 boss will one shot any one of my troops