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This is farewell GoW

Yes, once again, someone just posts on the forum to look like a martyr, like anyone cares about it. If it pisses you off, don’t read.

At first, I thought of GoW as another game that I would play several days and then ditch because it would bore me. In fact, it was the start of a full 3 years quest, playing daily.

I stated several months ago here how repetitive the game seemed to me for “end game” players. Nothing changed since then. Oh yes, we get useless units every week, one bad mythic every month and from time to time a new legendary. Luckily, we can rely on new chores to make the game more entertaining! What would I do without the multiplying guild events, the weekly campaigns? How would I keep going on if not for the shrines?..

As things stand, the only thing that might have been interesting on the long run is PvP. As it is, at high level, all you find in PvP are the same damn boring team – I wouldn’t be surprised that 90 % of them have either life and death, rope dart, Ishbalaa, gobelins, queen beetrix or double starters with Zuul’goth. Where’s the fun? Where’s the freshness? Even PvP becomes a chore if all you find is more of the same!

I quit. I leave behind my 1266 levels, 33 000 000 gold, 900 event keys, 3 600 gems keys, 9 000 glory keys, 270 000 glory, 33 500 gems, 14 orbs of power. What’s the point of all these riches if I can’t enjoy the game anymore?

Well, I’ll get more time to play games I enjoy. And for those who read up to this point, I wanted to share some teams I made that kept the fun going for as long as it could. I hope you’ll enjoy them while waiting for the game to change (for the better if possible).

Lethal leaf
Archer – doomed glaive (be sure to start with nature’s aura)
King Gobtruffle (even nerfed, the synergy with the team is great)
The Maraji Queen

Note: the comp I have the most first turn victories with.

Savage arrow
Archer – essence of evil (be sure to start with nature’s aura)
The Maraji Queen (you can put her first if you fear a flash attack)
The wild queen
Malcandessa / Moonsinger / Leprechaun / Spirit fox (if you want to block starters)

Thief – doomed scythe (be sure to start with dusk’s aura for a faster start)

Note: the only team I managed to win with without even making a single match. Not so great against entanglement obviously.

Tidecaller – jar of eyes
The possessed king

Note: the team I used in explore level 12. In average, 1 minute per fight (a bit more since jar of eyes was nerfed). Very hard to freeze the team!

Frostmage – doomed hammer

Note: sturdy, insane combos, not reliant on skull damage to blast away.

Fée glacée (sorry, it’s a French pun, doesn’t translate well)
Snow panther / Valkyrie
Frostmage – doomed hammer / orb of winter
Queen Mab

Note: a solid pick against gobelins teams. Works well in general but the insensible trait really makes battles drag on…

The lord of slaughter
Archer – reflection of good (you need nature’s aura and being after the lord of slaughter or you’re screwing the team!)
Queen beetrix

Note: I tried a lot of things to make use of the lord of slaughter and this is the team I had the most fun with. Aiming for victory before the fourth turn is standard.

Red bull
Shaman – ragereaver
Ketras the bull

Skies unlimited
Stormcaller – nimbus bow
Taloca / Queen Xochi (but you waste the blue gems)

Fire Slayer
Dragonguard – doomed crossbow
Lord ember

Note: except for being a slow starting team, you can raise all stats and purify your team easily (Divinia + firestorm is usually insane)

Reflection of evil
Archmagus – reflection of good

Shaved ice
Monk – dawnbringer

Note: the only (major) downside to this team is that you need 2 to 3 turns to start. Then you start blasting like mad, not mentioning how sturdy is the team.

Below are teams I never used because I was lacking a unit… or I would be frustrated not to get anything with a class already level 100!

Champion of Anu
Bard – dawnbringer
Holy St. Astra
Guard of Anu

Underworld madness
Necromancer – mountain crusher
The gray king

Sunspear – scepter of Anu
Yao Guai
Moon rabbit

Death spear
Sunspear (of course with fire sword)
Obsidius (or whatever)

Sunspear (of course with fire sword)
Court jester
Holy St. Astra

Note: well OK, I tried this one for fun… and “crazy” is the first word that pops to my mind. Holy’s here to make charging the court jester faster. And once Zuul’Goth’s charged up, doom draws near.

This is farewell GoW, thanks for keeping me entertained up to this point.


Thanx for sharing thoughts and Teams. Farewell and have fun!