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There's No Place Like Tome

You better read the fine print.

New Common Troop: Tome of Evil

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A wise scholar once wrote “Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”
Unfortunately, that has happened far too often with this book, an ancient tome steeped in abjuration and summoning magic, uncovered by the Acolytes of Karakoth in one of their excavations.

New Ultra Rare Troop: Hellspawn

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Some people say their body is a temple… this guy’s body is a bouncy castle
If you too would like a beach-bod comparable to the Hellspawn, all you have to do is follow these simple rules:

  1. If nobody sees you eating the Goblin, the Goblin contains no calories.
  2. Your pants will never get too tight if you don’t wear any.
  3. Goblins are green, vegetables are green, therefore Goblins are salad.
  4. Never stuff something in your mouth that is bigger than your head.
  5. A balanced meal plan involves a Goblin in both hands.

Another interesting Ugly Blob…

Maybe I should make the Blob Deck - Goblin King, Flesh Golem, Hellspawn… and who else???

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Elf-Eater or Gob-Chomper? Not sure if Merchant Prince would count…

yay multiple tiers of the same rarity. more like MTG by the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

It certainly feels like a common

Gob-Chomper fits the blob ugly card - I will have to see how this team plays after I get the Hellspawn.

Crappelpot could fit in also :slight_smile:

Excuse you Grapplepot is waifu material.


Sorry im never sure if it’s a he or she when i look at her :stuck_out_tongue:


Had to. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The real question: Would Hellspawn eat the Goblin King or would the Goblin King eat Hellspawn (after Grapplepot cooked him for her husband)?:thinking:

Also seriously, with that lore, that guy should do triple damage to Goblins.:stuck_out_tongue:


A troop that is more helpful (25%) of the time after death. :thinking:


Definitly on the weak side, these 2…

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Meth Not Even Once!


You win this round @ZooKeeper.


You need to fire this artist. He’s clearly too obsessed with my mother-in-law…


Nah, my ex-wife.


I see we got same taste of women, that’s really cool

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Maybe not the second time! Lol