Weekly Event: Feast of Fools


Goblins beware, Gob-Chomper is here!


I hoped to see the 8th troop of Adana (aelst) , we content ourselves with the 9th troop of Broken Spire…
So 9 creatures in the kingdom
It seems that Krystara will make us wait a lot before unveil all its troops and all its kingdoms …


Excellent, been expecting a Goblins counter… sadly being a probability model, it’ll always proc for the AI and never for me… sigh

EDIT - and just noticed how bleeding UGLY he is… whoa…


I assume this troop is going to add to the Broken Spire power requirements. Not that I was anywhere close to maxing it anyways.


Having a ninth troop will make it easier to hit the kingdom power level requirements, if that’s what you mean…


I was wondering when this would start. I guess its now. Too bad Broken Spire is still too far gone in terms of troop types.


So how do you know this troop is from Broken Spire?


The icon on the Gob-Chomper card.


And the background art…


Ah offcourse, thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll have mine with the coconut sauce on the side.


Like wow, THIS is a powerful anti card! The noisy powerful yet!


I suspect I’m going to be calling them “Fizzy Goblins” and “Goblins with Bacon” every time I kill one from now on. :joy:


my new fav troop :relaxed:


Now I liked. We can start the hunting season in Zaejin :cat2:


:newspaper: It’s once again time for the Weekly Gem Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

A Feast for Fools? Feels more like feasting on fools, as those foolish goblins have finally met their devourer with the only real bit of news this week!

It would appear that Broken Spire has earned the rights to be the first ever 9 troop kingdoms! Quite deserving I would say as it was the first kingdom we’d ever experienced, and has sucked us into such an amazing experience since!

The newest addition, rightly named, the “Gob-Chomper”, is a troop with quite the appetite for little green men. And I’m not talking aliens. :alien: Though when on short supply for wicked warriors, he doesn’t mind entertaining himself on the slaughtering of a bestial abomination or two.

So while not much of a looker, he’s got a personality trait that I think we can all share in just a little bit.

:newspaper: This has been another Weekly Gem Feedback Report, match you next time! :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It's Time For The (1.0.9) Patched Feedback Report!

Obligatory … Suck it Goblins!!


Indeed, this one is really ugly. I got chills when I first saw it.


Didn’t realise my mother-in-law was modelling for them now…


Yeah! Thanks to the VIP chest (on first try), I got the missing Shegra I needed!
I now have a Mystic Shegra!