It's Time For The (1.0.9) Patched Feedback Report!

Here’s a list of links to previous Weekly Feedback Reports, starting from the first one to just last week.
Enjoy! (Newer ones will be compiled with the next Patched report.)

Spark Rocket 2.0.16 (Jan 4th)
Gob-Chomper (Jan 11th)
Yasmine’s Chalice (Jan 18th)
Wild Fang (Jan 25th)
Crescendo (Feb 1st)
Imp of Love (Feb 7th)
Ghiralee (Feb 15th)
Marsh Raptor (Feb 22nd)
████ (Feb 29th)
Wyvern (March 7th)
Ifrit (March 14th)
Venbarak (March 21st)
Bunni’Nog (March 28th)
Sea Troll (April 4th)