Daemon Gnome-team ideas?

Finally found it! Obviously, it needs a purple generator and something like Fist of Heaven to summon a strong replacement troop. Ideas? Best class?

I don’t know if anyone actually uses it on a team. It has a massive mana cost and can only be cast once. It’s just a nifty collectable card.


And 2 extra purple troops ?

i like Fist of Heaven, as the Divines summoned are stronger and often mythic. I just want the Daemon to proc faster. lol

go with:

Common Purple troop.
Daemon Gnome
Fist of Heaven

Elspeth kills common and gets more purple on the board, which helps fill Gnome. she also summons a knight. Unless he uses pruple, you’re fine. From that one, you go with whatever you like…

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awesome, but couldn’t Elspeth accidentally kill the gnome?

Elspeth does not kill at random. You choose the troop she targets.

oh, i thought you selected the gem color of troop. thanks!

Does The Widow Queen work too?

She wouldn’t make the purple gems upon-kill like Elspeth does.

Aha!!! Got it. I tried Elspeth and none of the 11 purple she created aligned for matches! So I was screwed!!


It’s…not a great team. But it does work and can fill the gnome pretty fast.

dumb question: how do i see the troops you listed?

Type that team code into your “manage team” option in-game, or use a discord bot like Tarans to display it.

EDIT: Like so…

…and you can see this is actually Garysbot in our server now :+1: